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  • Mar 12 2015All SUEZ environnement companies are now one

    Now, SITA and all the group’s companies become one : SUEZ environnement.

    The development of the world is accelerating, the resources requirement of cities and industries keeps on growing. Our Group has a key role to play since it has become vital to manage resources differently, to protect them, to reuse them, to recycle them, to valorize them to produce new resources.

    Ready for the resource revolution

    The resource revolution is a necessity for mankind and a wonderful opportunity for the Group. Today, all SUEZ environnement companies are now one. This single brand, the culmination of over 150 years of shared history, expresses our ambition and demonstrates our commitment to securing resources.

    This change has three major goals: to simplify a multi-brand architecture for improved performance and commercial efficiency, to meet the new needs of customers, in local authorities and industry and to reinforce the convergence between the Group’s activities so that we can address the challenges of a circular economy.

    Over the 5 continents, SUEZ environnement supports towns and industries in the circular economy to maintain, optimise and secure the resources essential for our future.

    We are ready for the resource revolution!

    To learn more about the resource revolution and SUEZ environnement, to replay the Resource Revolution Tour keynotes of March 12 or to join the “resourceful people“ community: and @open_resource


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    SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT announces the appointment of Jean-Marc Boursier as Senior Executive Vice-President of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in charge of Waste Europe and the appointment of Christophe Cros as Senior Executive Vice-President of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in charge of Finance, effective April 2, 2015.

    Jean-Marc Boursier becomes Senior Executive Vice-President of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in charge of Waste Europe.

    He will be responsible for management of the Group’s Waste Europe business. His experience within the Group has given him a vast amount of knowledge of the various businesses, and more particularly, the waste sector. Thanks to his skills and experience in both senior management and business development, Jean-Marc Boursier’s mission will be to speed up the transformation initiated by the Group, which is already a leading light in the circular economy.

    Christophe Cros becomes Senior Executive Vice-President of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in charge of Finance.

    Christophe Cros will assume responsibility for the Group’s financial management and its
    Purchasing Department. In this new key role, he will devote all of his expertise to continuing the company’s value creation and growth.


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  • Feb 12 2015Resource Revolution Tour 3 cities, 15 contributors, 1 challenge
    Resource Revolution Tour 3 cities, 15 contributors, 1 challenge

    From a world of scarcity to a world of unlimited resources : utopia or a new way of shaping our future ?

    Convinced that it is possible to collectively design concrete solutions and thus build a society that can generate – and regenerate – essential resources for its future, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT organizes the Resource Revolution Tour, 3 keynote events during 24h in 3 cities around the world: Paris, New York and Beijing.

    Be there on March 12th for a session during which key personalities and makers will share their vision and experiences on the issue of resource preservation.

    We are at the dawn of a revolution, it starts here.

    Are you ready?

  • Feb 02 2015RecoveryIvry-Paris-XIII waste recovery centre

    Today, SYCTOM, the metropolitan household waste agency and the IP13 Grouping, comprising  SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its subsidiary SITA which represent the interests of the Grouping, the VINCI group through its three entities VINCI Environnement, Chantiers Modernes BTP and VINCI Energies, along with Eiffage TP, Inova, Satelec, the Hitachi Zosen Inova group, BG Ingénieurs Conseils and Architectes Ingénieurs Associés (AIA), signed the design-build-operate contract for the Ivry-Paris-XIII waste recovery centre with Hervé Marseille, CEO of SYCTOM.

    The total value of the contract amounts to 1.8 billion Euros over 23 years, half of which being investments. Under this contract, on 1st September 2015 the IP13 Grouping will deliver a first package of services to ensure continuity of service in existing centre operations, and initiate all design work prior to the construction and operation of the future plant. With a value of 273 million Euros, this first phase of the contract will be followed by conditional phases for the construction and operation of the new waste recovery centre.

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