LYON The Tunnel of the Croix-Rousse
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As from 1 January 1997, it is forbidden to use, manufacture, transform and sell asbestos in France. Asbestos has to be removed in compliance with public regulations. The 19 July 1996 circular 96-60 and the 9 January 1997 circular 97-15 set out the procedures for the disposal of asbestos.

Asbestos waste is hazardous waste, divided into two categories:

  • ‘bound’ asbestos waste: asbestos waste found in inert construction materials  (cement-asbestos) under the code 17 06 05* on the waste list
  • ‘unbound’ asbestos waste

Asbestos-contaminated land  (order of 12 March 2012), asbestos planings (15 May 2013 circular) and asbestos waste ‘bound’ to non-inert support also comes under the responsibility of hazardous waste recycling centres.


SITA can provide services at every stage of handling asbestos:

  • Asbestos removal: especially on deconstruction sites
  • Collection of asbestos waste, asbestos-contaminated land and planings, conditioned according to regulations
  • Disposal of asbestos waste ‘unbound’ or ‘bound’ to a non-inert support only in hazardous waste secure disposal centres
  • Tracking and traceability system (waste monitoring, taking-over certificates…)

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In the interest of safety, regulations and the environment, SITA monitors daily the treatment and/or secure disposal centres for hazardous waste. We are legally committed to strict specifications: duration, exploitation area, tonnage, and acceptance protocol as well as the transfer of responsibility, tools and processes used.
We guarantee controlled management throughout the life of each site and for 30 years, once it is no longer in use, in order to give the area a second life.

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  • LYON The Tunnel of the Croix-Rousse
    Sita - Amiante - Lyon - tunnel de la Croix Rousse

    The Tunnel de la Croix-Rousse is the first major road tunnel in Lyon.

    This compliance update led to 7,000 tonnes of asbestos waste (worksite debris, concrete, rubble and associated waste) being transported by SITA FD mostly to the hazardous waste disposal facilities (HWSF) located in Drambon (21).

    Cost, proximity of the SITA FD facilities and access to the HWSFs in Drambon and Bellegarde by river were key in carrying out this project.

  • PONT DE SÈVRES The Towers
    Sita - Amiante - pont de Sèvres - Lès Tours

    After the Tower CB21 and the Athena Tower (La Défense, Paris) worksite, the CMS (construction maintenance et services) company, a subsidiary of the VINCI group specialising in asbestos removal, turned to SITA FD to remove the asbestos in the 50 floors of the three towers of the Pont de Sèvres. As part of the renovation launched by BNPPI (Delegate Project Manager for GENERAL ELECTRIC), CMS/ARENE is responsible for the cleaning work and the asbestos removal. The building complex consists of three towers (Chenonceau, Amboise and Vendôme) and a common area (forum) representing close to 75,000 m².

    80 skilled operators are working on this asbestos removal site. The asbestos waste is then sent to the HWSF in Villeparisis (77) – (approximately 1,200 tonnes) under SITA FD management.