You are a business in the building and public works sector

You are a business in the building and public works sector

Recydem – Lourches (Nord): mineral waste recovery centre
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WITH SITA Efficient and responsible worksites

Craftsmen, SME or large BPW groups, SITA is committed to you and guarantees the following:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Reduction of your environmental footprint
  • Cost optimisation


Because every worksite has unique goals and constraints, we work with you to identify your needs and we provide our local multi-material and general expertise.

Approved solutions and secure works :

  • On-site storage and collection of waste in compliance with regulations
  • Transparent and approved disposal streams
  • Teams trained for operating on BPW worksites
  • Respecting safety measures and the prevention plan

Une gestion complète de vos déchets :

  • Collection, sorting, treatment in situ, recovery, disposal,
  • Maintenance and industrial clean-up (high and very high pressure washing, cryogenics, disinfection, pumping, tank cleaning, networks cleaning and inspection etc),
  • Integrated services (upkeep of green spaces, tertiary cleaning etc).

A reduced environmental footprint :

  • Maximising your waste recovery
  • Choice of local treatment and recycling streams
  • Optimising loadings and transportation
  • Supporting your HQE (high quality environmental) approach
  • Analysing lifecycle and eco-design advice
  • Assessing the impact of greenhouse gasses


  • Recydem – Lourches (Nord): mineral waste recovery centre
    Sita - BTP - Lourches - plateforme de valorisation des déchets minéraux recydem

    SITA can process 250,000 tonnes a year and has access to a recycling process dedicated to construction and deconstruction waste on the Eco-hub RECYDEM in Lourches (a specialist in managing and recovering mineral waste).
    Once transformed, the recycled mineral materials are routed to the construction and civil engineering sector to be used for backfilling and road building as an alternative to natural materials. A special treatment is necessary for the recovery of plaster mixtures.

    Further information : RECYdEM : recovering construction and deconstruction waste (pdf)