3 priorities for acting together
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Developing our employees' talents

We strive to develop our employees’ talents and to improve their quality of life at work and the balance between their personal and professional lives.

This priority focuses on four commitments:


Investing in our employees’ development

5Enhancing our employees’ commitment and the quality of life in the workplace

6Promoting equal opportunity

7Encouraging all employees to ensure safety in the workplace


  • Offer customised training  
    Sita - formations sur mesure

    SITA has established two schools in order to support career evolution:

    • ‘The vocational school’ offers six training courses covering SITA careers that strengthen basic knowledge, encourage the acquisition of new skills and promote the sharing of a shared culture
    • ‘The management school’ supports managers on a daily basis, providing them with a foundation of shared training combined with a personalised curriculum designed to enhance their capabilities.

  • Promoting the employment and the integration of people with disadvantages
    Sita - Emploi et insertion des personnes en difficulté

    In 2002, SITA established a subsidiary, SITA Rebond (‘Rebound’). This company specialises in the integration of people with disadvantages through economic activity. SITA Rebond’s programme hires and trains vulnerable people and supports their professional stability with long-term employment.

    Each year, SITA Rebond enables 200 people to find permanent employment and, since its inception, it has already supported over 3,000 people, including 800 young adults under the age of 25. As of 2012, SITA Rebond has employed over 700 people and reported a rate of conversion to employment of 68%.

  • Reducing the number of accidents
    Sita - diminuer le nombre d'acidents

    SITA carries out priority actions that include:

    • the visible commitment of all our managers, especially regarding the ‘7 musts’ and the company’s culture (through security inspections in the field, involvement in accident investigations)
    • the redesign of our traffic maps (including lighting and signs) to secure the co-existence of pedestrians, vehicles and trucks on all of our sites
    • ensuring compliance within our facilities and securing our interventions on equipment
    • the identification and solving of problems during our collection rounds (backing up)
    • targeted prevention efforts that focus on our health risks (exposure to chemicals, manual handling, noise).