3 priorities for acting together
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Innovating, in order to enhance our business and that of our clients

At SITA, we advise and assist our clients, providing them with solutions that minimise the volume of waste that is generated, increasing recovery and reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

This policy is based on three basic commitments:


Helping our clients reduce their waste volumes and maximise their recovery efforts


Improving the environmental footprint of our facilities and our services

3Enhancing our clients’ satisfaction and trust


  • Optimising the recovery of energy from waste
    Sita - optimisation de la valorisation énergétique issue des déchets

    SITA has proposed to purchase residual energy from Econôtre’s Energy Recovery Unit, which is located near Toulouse ( 31). This innovative High Performance Cogeneration (CHP+) system, which will be put into service in October 2014, will enable residual energy to be recovered through the heating of 10 acres of horticultural greenhouses and it will prevent 2,400 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted.

    The Energy Recovery Unit will provide between 30GWh and 35 GWh for the year-long heating of the greenhouses.

  • Preserving biodiversity on our sites
    Sita - préserver la biodiversité sur nos sites

    In 2011, SITA adhered to the new 2011-2020 National Biodiversity Strategy, which is one of France’s commitments to the international convention on biological diversity. In 2013, SITA submitted its voluntary commitment plan.

    The plan focuses on the development of tools that promot greater consideration of biodiversity, improve the integration of sites within their environment and promote awareness, information and involvement among SITA’s employees and stakeholders.

    Since 2006, SITA has committed itself to a voluntary approach to biodiversity conservation and these three key themes have been the subject of many efforts, as demonstrated by its partnership with the National Museum of Natural History, the guide covering fauna/flora studies, the biodiversity trails, etc. On 29 October 2013, SITA’s commitment plan for the National Biodiversity Strategy was officially recognised by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. This recognition distinguishes SITA for the quality of its commitment plan on biodiversity.

  • Mesurer la confiance clients et mettre en œuvre des plans d’amélioration

    SITA a défini un indicateur de confiance client qui va au-delà d’une simple mesure de la satisfaction. Trois modalités d’écoute ont été déployées via un questionnaire web, par téléphone et par des entretiens en face à face. Après analyse des résultats, des plans d’actions sont mis en œuvre afin de mieux répondre aux attentes des clients. Différentes actions sont déjà en cours : améliorer le traitement des demandes clients, renouveler la présentation de nos offres et développer une relation durant le contrat entre les services d’exploitation et les clients.