CW and ICW

CW and ICW

Bouches-du-Rhône: collection and energy recovery of ICW
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CW and ICW


Clinical waste comes from the diagnosis, follow-up and preventive, curative and palliative treatment of diseases in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, medical laboratories, research centres and teaching facilities.
Clinical waste can present risks of infection, in which case it is called ICW (infectious clinical waste), chemical, toxic or radioactive risks.


As a solution for healthcare professionals, SITA offers full coordinated handling of all waste produced on their sites.
In the event of disasters, relocation or removal of contaminated equipment (machines, lab gloves boxes, post-mortem room, for example), SITA Rekem chemists intervene on-site to clean up or decontaminate.

Collection and sorting:
SITA provides appropriate collection methods (in situ or at voluntary waste drop-off points).
Thanks to the MEDITRI® training, sorting methods have been improved and hygiene and safety measures are ensured.

ICW energy recovery: the ICW is routed to energy recovery units for authorised household and similar waste or to specific incineration facilities.

Disinfection of the ICW as pre-treatment: the goal is to get rid of contamination and modify the waste so that it can be disposed of via the household waste stream (except composting).

Recyclable wastes (plastics, paper, glass, metals…) are sorted and routed to appropriate recycling channels for full recovery of your waste.

Key facts

12,000 clients

56,000 tonnes of ICW collected and recovered

1 network of 270 experts


  • Bouches-du-Rhône: collection and energy recovery of ICW
    Sita - CHU de Reims gestion globale des déchets - collecte et valorisation énergétique

    SITA is in charge of collecting and transporting the yearly 6,500 tonnes of clinical waste coming from healthcare facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, private clinics etc) in the Bouches-du-Rhône region.

  • Labo-Propre®: Lab waste management
    Sita - Professionnel de la santé -Labo-Prope - gestion des déchets en laboratoire

    In partnership with Merck-Clévenot and Prolabo (now VWR International), two laboratory chemicals and reagents distributors, SITA Rekem offers the Labo-Propre service. This service was adopted by close to a thousand clients across the spectrum (chemistry, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, control laboratory, public research centres, education, healthcare, public scientific and technological establishments etc).

    The idea is to help secure the sorting of chemical effluents and find solutions for laboratories for their hazardous waste (mineral acids, organic acids, bases, laboratory chemicals, aerosols, soiled packaging and materials, solvents etc).

    Labo-Propre® is based on simple rules to sort laboratory waste facilitating ‘useful actions’. These will encourage safety and respect for the environment by avoiding throwing things down the sink or hazardous mixes that could cause chemical incompatibilities and incidents.

    Beyond these basic sorting rules, we provide advice on more precise sorting, how to choose adequate packaging keeping in mind any limitations, the characteristics of laboratory waste and just-in-time processes.