You are an healthcare professional

You are an healthcare professional

With SITA recover your clinical waste
Reims teaching hospital global solutions for the management and recovery of waste
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Secure and recover your waste

Whether you are an independent healthcare professional, a hospital or an industrial or research laboratory, SITA helps you set up a clinical waste management system guaranteed to provide safety, compliance and budget optimisation.

Since your waste is very varied and some of it has to submit to very strict regulations, SITA is committed to helping you identify, collect, treat and recover these streams safely and efficiently.

All about regulation

Our guarantees: we fit our activities to your requirements by:

  • Optimising waste volumes
  • Respecting strict safety measures when dealing with infectious or radioactive waste
  • Fitting waste collection methods and frequency to your needs
  • Handling your organisational constraints (number of individuals to train in recycling, organisation of the workstations and schedules etc).
  • Directing your infectious clinical waste to regulatory and safe expert streams.
  • Recovering non-hazardous waste.
  • Guaranteeing compliance monitoring.

SITA: CW/ICW, multi-material expert

MEDISITA, a national expert network, provides specialist services

  • Audit and identification of your waste streams (non-hazardous, hazardous, infectious)
  • Appropriate and safe collection of the infectious clinical waste
  • Selective sorting
  • Providing approved packaging and storage facilities
  • Sorting at the source and training (MEDITRI® programme)
  • Safe and approved transportation of hazardous waste
  • Development and management of waste stores
  • Decontamination, cleaning and disinfection of your equipment, robots, laboratories, operating theatres and post-mortem rooms etc.
  • Delegated management suited to healthcare facilities


Discover our offer to sort and package your DAS

Responsible recovery solutions

  • ICW energy recovery: treatment by incineration in authorised household and similar waste energy recovery plants or in specialist incineration plants.
  • ICW pre-treatment by disinfection: Disinfecting to decontaminate and modify the waste’s appearance (crushing) in order to dispose of it via the household waste stream (except composting).
  • The recyclable waste (plastics, papers, glass, metal, etc.): is sorted and routed to suitable recycling streams to ensure maximum recovery of your waste.



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  • Reims teaching hospital global solutions for the management and recovery of waste
    Sita - CHU de Reims gestion globale des déchets - collecte et valorisation énergétique

    SITA handles the global management of the two main establishments and the six annexes of Reims teaching hospital (France, 51) with a total of 2,500 beds. As part of the contract, SITA also provides on-site personnel.

  • Labo-Propre®: Lab waste management
    Sita - Professionnel de la santé -Labo-Prope - gestion des déchets en laboratoire

    In partnership with Merck-Clévenot and Prolabo (now VWR International), two laboratory chemicals and reagents distributors, SITA Rekem offers the Labo-Propre service. This service was adopted by close to a thousand clients across the spectrum (chemistry, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, control laboratory, public research centres, education, healthcare, public scientific and technological establishments etc).

    The idea is to help secure the sorting of chemical effluents and find solutions for laboratories for their hazardous waste (mineral acids, organic acids, bases, laboratory chemicals, aerosols, soiled packaging and materials, solvents etc).

    Labo-Propre® is based on simple rules to sort laboratory waste facilitating ‘useful actions’. These will encourage safety and respect for the environment by avoiding throwing things down the sink or hazardous mixes that could cause chemical incompatibilities and incidents.

    Beyond these basic sorting rules, we provide advice on more precise sorting, how to choose adequate packaging keeping in mind any limitations, the characteristics of laboratory waste and just-in-time processes.