A pioneer in waste recovery, SITA designs and implements technological and operational innovations to extract an increasing proportion of reusable resources from waste.
SITA’s customers benefit from advanced facilities and services that meet their current demands and anticipate their future needs.


    An industrial partnership for the development of an innovative concrete

    In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, SITA has been working with its partners on the waste value chain in its entirely, particulary the chain for complex waste like foundry sand and demolition rubble.

    SITA launched an applied research program in 2012, in partnership with Neo -Eco Recycling firm and Ecole des Mines de Douai engineering school for the development of a formula for concrete that uses river sediment and recycled mineral materials.

    C’URBAN is the first concrete materials made of 100% recycled materials.

    The first street furniture project using recycled aggregates was conducted in partnership with the compagnies Doublet and Pick Design.

    C’URBAN’s high quality makes its use possible in a wide range of street objects and equipment.


  • 100% electric collection vehicles

    Collect without polluting, it is now possible !

    SITA has developed 100% electric collection vehicles in partnership with PVI SEMAT and the city of Courbevoie .

    The performance of these electric collection vehicles is equivalent to traditional diesel vehicules with extra full benefits :

    • No emissions of regulated pollutants known or CO2
    • Very low noise level
    • Energy efficient
    • Driving comfort and use for employees

    Thanks to these vehicles’ onboard IT systems, SITA can adapt collection procedures to each neighbourhood.

    SITA , in its contract with the City of Lyon, ensures that 20% of the park garbage trucks will power in order to meet the welfare in the city by limiting noise and emission of greenhouse gases emissions.


  • Valor pole 72Eco-centres

    Bring a solution to answer the problems of valuation

    SITA and Passenaud created, in Le Mans in the Sarthe, an Ecopole to bring to communities, to artisans and to manufacturers of the solutions to face the problems of valuation and treatment of waste.
    VALOR pole 72 will group together eventually the following activities for a global capacity of 123 000 the T / year:

    • A sorting office of waste stemming from selective collections
    • A sorting office and a conditioning(packaging) of industrial waste
    • A centre of transfer of ultimate waste
    • An industrial and craft déchèterie with a zone of transit of dangerous waste
    • A platform of grinding and valuation of the wood
    • An activity of bio-deconditioning of the organic waste (catering, large-scale distribution)
    • A platform of qualibrage of rubbles
    • A base of lorries of collection of industrial waste
  • Sita media library
  • AGORAEco-centres

    A rehabilitation and redevelopment project


    Following the closure of Metaleurop Nord in 2003, a rehabilitation and redevelopment project has been implemented by SITA.
    This project involved the rehabilitation of the site between 2004 and 2006, the economic and social restructuring and the creation of a center of activities. Covering an area of ​​50 hectares, the new site now houses a fully rehabilitated tertiary zone and an industrial area with a dock edge active channel fluvial transport.
    The industrial zone hosts a sorting industrial waste, a recycling of electrical and telecom cables, a platform of land treatment and polluted sediments.

  • ENTRAIGUESEco-centres

    A multi-process pole

    Established since 2001, the multi-process pole Entraigues sur la Sorgue processes and recovers waste from Vaucluse and neighboring departments. Management “multi-process” to create a complementary treatment facilities and specific types of incoming waste recovery.
    It employs 19 full-time employees and is structured around six distinct and complementary expertise:

    • the recycling center
    • The valuation of inert construction waste
    • Biological sludge recycling and biodegradable fraction of household waste
    • The sorting and recycling of non-hazardous industrial waste and similar
    • Composting of green waste
    • Storage of non-hazardous waste with energy recovery
  • The incentive feeSmart solutions

    A contractual innovation

    The incentive fee

    SITA supports local authorities in the implementation of the incentive fee that allows to charge users depending on their waste to encourage them to better sort and reduce their household waste.
    SITA has over 15 years experience and develop new services where information management is at the heart of the process. At Charny sur Meuse (55), SITA has fitted trays for chips collection door to door. SITA also proposed to the municipality of Yenne (near Aix les Bains) semi-underground containers with user access cards