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Career development and training

SITA pays particular attention to the development of its employees’ skills and expertise so their careers can evolve and benefit from both national and international mobility

Moving forward

SITA promotes the proper integration of its new employees. During the first weeks, an integration programme is set out, according to his/her position and objectives in order for him/her to discover his/her new work environment.

Review meetings are organised so that employees can share their thoughts with their manager, ensure the coherence of their objectives and highlight areas for improvement.

Managers’ supervisory roles are backed by shared HR tools that are designed to promote the dissemination of a unique culture (shared benchmarks, employee review tools, managerial training within SITA’s School of Management, etc.).

Personal development

In order to support the development of the skills necessary for its business, SITA relies on:

  • The School of Trades, which develops training courses geared toward SITA’s skills, to strengthen understanding of basic knowledge, allow individuals to acquire new skills and promote the sharing of a common culture,
  • The School of Management, which consists of a set of shared training programmes that focus on managerial roles.

Proactive control of your career

Internal mobility, when combined with a support system, promotes the sharing of experiences and the gathering of knowledge of SITA and – on a broader scale – within the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT group. It is a driver of progress as it encourages the sharing of know-how and cooperation between teams. SITA makes employment grants available to all employees and provides them with an email address as well as jobsearch initiatives. Everyone is therefore able to steer his or her own career.



Investing in the development of our employees