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Social and environmental responsability

For SITA, CSR primarily consists of:
– Striving to improve the quality of life at work
– Promoting diversity and valuing it so that it becomes a genuine catalyst for performance

Improving the welfare of employees in the workplace

Taking steps to improve the quality of life in the workplace and enhancing employee dedication require the collection of feedback in addition to taking stock of their expectations.

Several tools have been implemented:

  • conducting satisfaction surveys among employees on a regular basis to measure their confidence in the company.
  • signing in early 2010 of a company-wide agreement on the quality of life in the workplace for three years.
  • This agreement provides for regular checks on the quality of life in the workplace at the company, an action plan and management training on the handling of emergency situations and risk prevention.

Enhancing our employees' commitment and the quality of life in the workplace

Valuing diversity

SITA views diversity as a catalyst for the company’s overall performance. It therefore takes steps to promote equal opportunity.

Increasing the employment of senior employees

SITA supports career development by offering reviews during later career stages and by supporting training programmes.

Promoting gender equality

With its proportion of female managers in operational and functional roles approaching 30%, SITA is breaking away from typically masculine roles by supporting access to training for positions which have relatively low female representation.

Developing block release training

‘Sustainable career paths’ is our block release training recruitment programme which features over 250 positions open to professional training and apprenticeship contracts. We allow candidates with vocational qualifications to fifth-year university level to become integrated in our teams, enabling them to develop their skills while being paid.

Promoting the employment and integration of people in vulnerable situations

Along with local partners, SITA Rebond (Rebound) implements professional integration and social guidance projects that help hire and train people in need as well as promoting their professional stability through sustainable employment. SITA also develops literacy courses for its employees.


Promoting equal opportunity