Leading recovery specialist

SITA, leading recovery specialist

We have so much to valuate together !

Our activities and industrial standards are aimed at recycling and transforming
waste into new resources, because primary raw materials are not infinite.
Being present in all stages of waste management, and as experts in all forms
of recovery – material, biological and energy – we can develop efficient and innovative
solutions adapted to the specific needs of companies and communities.
By making the most of your waste, we play a key role in improving the environmental
credentials of our customers and the development of a circular economy.

Christophe CROS


Executive Managing Director of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in charge of waste activities in Europe

Capturing recoverable waste

SITA, in partnership with its customers, defines and implements the best solutions to optimise recycling and collections, specifically adapted to each region and each business.

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15 million residents’ waste collected

3 000 communities served

1.3 million industrial waste collection rounds

Sorting material flows


By continuing to develop increasingly effective sorting and separation techniques and the experience of its employees, SITA guarantees the quality of recyclable materials to meet the demands of future buyers and users.

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59 sorting plants for separately collected household waste


30 sorting and recovery platforms for industrial waste

42 sorting platforms for hazardous industrial waste

Transforming and marketing new resources

SITA helps customers and partners to make the best use of resources and to find sustainable production solutions based on eco-design and the use of recovered raw materials. Whether for recycled raw materials, energy or compost, SITA offers specific expertise and specialised activities.

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6 million tonnes of waste recycled into materials

1 million tonnes of bio-waste trated and recovered

4.5 million tonnes of waste converted into energy


Offering specific solutions  

Relying on its specialised equipment and advanced skills, SITA provides services on industrial plants and can handle the logistics, recovery and treatment of hazardous waste.

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65 000 sanitation and industrial maintenance customers

2.9 million tonnes of hazardous waste treated

9 hazardous waste storage facilities