SITA, the ideal partner for local authorities

SITA, the ideal partner for local authorities

With SITA, get the maximum out of your area

Finding solutions for your community

To meet new economic and environmental challenges, let’s work together and develop new ideas to:

  • Optimise waste recovery
  • Manage your area sustainably

Choosing SITA as a partner is a sure way to guarantee:

  • Local partners
  • Yearly shared performance assessment and objectives
  • Transparency, through reliable data
  • Over 90 years of expertise in the field

Recycle more

SITA develops solutions to optimise recycling at every stage to improve local authorities’ performance.

Collecting the waste 

Collection engineering

This service allows us to keep improving collection methods in your area, the environment you manage and the type of waste.

SITA helps you identify the best combination of collection solutions for residential areas and the waste you manage: door-to-door selective collection, voluntary collection points and collection points.

Our waste management techniques, which rely on smart technologies, enable us to gather all the data on collection operations as well as to monitor them through efficient and easy-to-use information sharing systems. With this information, you have the means to give an immediate response to residents and to make prompt adjustments to collection rounds in the event of delays caused by, for example, roadworks.

Helping people recycle

Encouraging residents to sort their waste

SITA offers services to make it easier for people to sort their waste (bulky waste collections upon request; local and mobile waste recycling centres etc).

SITA also helps you improve communication by giving you access to efficient tools, allowing you to interact better with residents.

We respect people’s comfort and the environment – our collection vehicles are electric, so they are silent.

Incentives for recycling waste

Whether it is an incentive pricing project, a special charges project or implementing an entrance fee for using commercial recycling centres, SITA is there for you every step of the way, from the preliminary studies to billing and providing the necessary materials: chip-equipped wheelie bins for door-to-door collection and voluntary collection terminals with access badges.

Stage 2: Sorting the material streams

SITA is always improving its state-of-the-art and competitive technologies to modernise existing recycling centres and get the most from recoverable materials.

In addition, SITA invests in Next Generation centres, built to encourage the development of areas and reindustrialisation[not sure what is meant by ‘reindustrialisation’???]. These centres bring together in one place different waste treatment and recycling methods (sorting, agronomic recovery, energy recovery, storage, wood/pallet recovery etc). Thanks to these centres and their capacity to route the waste to the appropriate stream, transportation and CO2 emissions are reduced and waste recovery is improved.

Stage 3: Transforming waste materials into new resources

Material recovery

Recycling your waste as new resources

SITA seeks to improve its facilities and develop partnerships with recycling companies to produce quality new materials adapted to market demands.

SITA recycles all materials, plastics (PET, PVC and HDPE), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cardboard, wood and pallets etc, to meet economic and regulatory constraints, which are becoming ever stricter.

Energy recovery

Recovering the energy within waste

SITA has expertise in all technologies relating to the production of renewable energy from waste. Energy recovery units produce electricity and/or heat that can be used by local urban or industrial networks. Thanks to the energy recovery of biogas resulting from fermenting the waste in landfill facilities, local buildings are supplied with electricity/heat.

Finally, organic waste can also be partially transformed into energy through anaerobic digestion.

Agronomic recovery

Extracting and recovering the organic part of waste

SITA transforms the fermentable part of waste as organic compost for agricultural use and as renewable energy, directly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

SITA provides the following services: selective collection of household and industrial organic waste, the development and operation of organic waste deconditioning units, mechanical-biological treatment, anaerobic digection and composting.

Manage your area in a sustainable manner

SITA’s services are innovative, and always show concern to improve people’s living environment.

Urban integration

An expert in major urban challenges, SITA can develop logistic solutions adapted to suit your area.

Alternative transportation

To reduce urban traffic and reduce the environmental footprint, SITA provides waste transportation services by river or rail. We also give you access to collection vehicles that are either 100% electric or run on alternative energy (Diester ©, natural gas).

Urban planning

As part of a district redesign, SITA can offer sustainable urban planning solutions that are more suitable for residents, less energy hungry and have a reduced environmental footprint. We can design and implement an underground network of pneumatic collection as well as facilities such as semi-underground voluntary collection points.

Sustainable development

Preserving your residents’ living environment

Living in a clean town is a daily challenge as well as a major concern for your residents. This is why SITA’s teams develop the services necessary for everyone’s well-being (cleaning the roads and public spaces, removing graffiti, collecting leaves etc).

Contributing to local employment

SITA is involved in the local economy, so we encourage its growth through the creation of sustainable local employment opportunities and by establishing partnerships with local organisations.

Preserving biodiversity

SITA is committed to protecting biodiversity by, in particular, the reintroduction of protected species and tracking the birds at our landfill sites in partnership with the Bird Protection League (LPO) and the Natural History Museum.

We are also committed to greening over closed landfill sites and to keeping track of their development for 30 years.

Key facts

SITA processes the waste of 15 million people


5,035 field teams collect your waste every day

3,000 local authority partners trust us

80,000 buildings have heat thanks to energy recovery

Every SITA body is ISO 9001 certified