Metals and cables

Metals and cables

RECYCABLES: A cable recycling partnership
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Metals and cables


  • Ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Cables made of non-ferrous metals enclosed in plastic

Over 35% of the world’s copper production comes from recycling. By 2030, fossil resources in zinc, copper and lead will be extinct. Fortunately, metal recycling has no end.


SITA is the top metal and cable recycler in France and actively participates in compensating for the lack of natural resources by offering its client recovery options.

SITA collects ferrous and non-ferrous sources before transforming them to supply substitute raw materials to steel plants, refineries and foundries. The products can be supplied as chips, briquettes, packets or tailings, depending on the clients’ needs.

Ferrous metals can find a second life in the flat and long steel industry as steel wire.

Non-ferrous metals are recovered in transformation plants for semi-finished products, foundries and refineries.

Cables are recycled and sold to cable manufacturers and extruders.

Metals and cables


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Key facts

22,000 tonnes of cables recovered by SITA Recyclage

54% of the European steel production comes from recycling

40% of the steel in a new car comes from recycling


  • RECYCABLES: A cable recycling partnership
    Sita - Nexans - recycables - partenariat pour le recyclage de câbles

    RECYCABLES is the top recycler of cables in France. Located in Noyelles Godault on the SITA Agora site, Recycables develops innovative technologies to sort, cut and crush cables to obtain a 99% pure copper powder.