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Recycling and value-creation of waste: a lever for sustainable development of territories

2,800 employees of SITA Nord Est go with their clients (governments and businesses) to improve the potential for add value of their waste.

To do this, SITA :

  • Shape sorting at source, logistics Dimensions collection from users on industrial or commercial site in waste
  • Continuously improves the performance of its recycling centers
  • Search new value-creation matter or energy
  • Develop multimodal transport
  • Eliminated by the highest standards of environmental protection
  • Respect the Man in Heart of our business by fostering continuous skills development, integration, alternation and diversity


SITA Nord-Est

5 rue des Drapiers – ZI ACTIPOLE
57075 METZ
Tél : 03 87 75 90 00
Fax : 03 87 75 90 39

Key facts

2,3 millions inhabitants served by collection

16 000 communities, businesses and healthcare professionnals customers

4 UVE including 2 with heat networks


  • sita - c'urban partenariat industriel développement béton innovant
    En partenariat avec Doublet, SITA développe une gamme de produits à partir de C'Urban (« Concrete Urban »), un béton innovant et écologique constitué à 100% de matières recyclées (sédiments fluviaux, sables de fonderie et gravats de déconstruction). Sur ses éco-pôles multi-activités de Noyelles-Godault (62) et de Lourches (59), SITA transforme les sédiments, sables et gravats en matière première secondaire qui se substitue aux matières naturelles pour la fabrication du béton. Un premier projet, porté par Doublet et Piks Design, utilise aujourd'hui le béton C'Urban pour la réalisation d'un ensemble de stationnement nomade et modulable pour vélos. Voir la vidéo
  • Mars
    The site of MARS Chocolat France in Haguenau decided to use SITA and Cofely Services to find an alternative to its heat production, generated currently by gas boilers. This partnership project aims to supply green and renewable energy to the plant’s production lines, and for the M&M® production line in particular. Thanks to the heat network, the plant avoids releasing close to 8,700 tonnes of CO2 per year, therefore reducing by 60% the greenhouse gases from the plant’s energy consumption. Voir la vidéo
  • Sita - Valenciennes - sensibilisation assurée par les experts du tri
    In collaboration with Valenciennes Métropole, SITA has developed targeted communication tools to raise awareness of the need for recycling. Our ‘recycling experts’ go door to door where recycling performance is low, explaining why recycling is beneficial and the mistakes to avoid. They are equipped with special communication tools (video, guide, educational pack…) to support their case. Stickers are placed on wrongly sorted bins and a document is left in the mailbox if the residents are out. In addition, satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis to assess whether residents follow our advice to improve services. 19.9% refusal rate before the communication campaign 14.8% refusal rate after the communication campaign 94% of people surveyed were satisfied with the domestic waste collection and selective sorting.