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Recycling and value-creation of waste: a lever for sustainable development of territories

Expert value-creation of waste in all its forms, whether material, biological or energy SITA Mediterranean region offers solutions based on technical excellence and innovation to support sustainable and responsible growth of communities, businesses and health professionals in PACA and Languedoc Roussillon region by transforming waste into new resources.

In the Mediterranean region, SITA relies on a network of 6 local agencies advising and developing tailor-made services, reconciling environmental optimization and cost control. SITA manages 36 units of value-creation and treatment in 11 departments.

Together we can make our beautiful regions a reference in waste management. SITA Mediterranean and all its employees are proud to contribute every day alongside their clients

1330 rue Guillibert de la Lauzière
13856 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
Tél : 04 42 99 12 99
Fax : 04 42 99 12 98

Sita - Régions et pôles proche de chez vous - Méditerranée

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Pôles multi- filières
- Entraigues-sur-la-Sorgue                            - Narbonne
- Les Pennes-Mirabeau                                 - Novalie

Unités de valorisation énergétique
- Ocréal                                                          - Novalie

Unité de tri mecano-biologique
- Salindres


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Key facts

+ 4500 communities, businesses, health care professionals customers

+ 800 000 tonnes of waste transformed

+ 240 000 tons of waste sorted


  • Sita - Néoval traitement des déchets ménagers
    Thanks to special sorting techniques, the new mechanical-biological (MBT) recycling facility located in Salindre facilitates the isolation of recyclable materials from household waste (which should have been in selective collections) and the biodegradable waste, which becomes compost. Néoval offers an efficient solution suited to environmental needs to develop:
    • the recovery of recyclable materials in waste
    • the organic recovery of food waste and the generation of compost
    • energy-from-waste recovery of waste with a high calorific value (PCI)
    See the video:
  • Sita - Filiales spécialisées - Jas de Rhodes - valorisation de biogaz typique
    SITA conceived, builds and exploits the multi-pole sectors of the Jas de Rhodes ( 13 ). On this site, which accommodates one of the most successful selective processes of sorting of collection of the region the Mediterranean Sea, SITA sorts out waste resulting from Marseille Provence Métropole and from the Community of the Country of Aix. Its installation of storage of non-hazardous waste, 250 000 tons of annual capacity, produced in 2012, thanks to its engines biogas, the equivalent of the annual electric needs for more than 3 400 homes.
  • Carca
    SITA joins in a logic of global management " winning / winning " with the COVALDEM 11 (municipalities gathered around the city of Carcassonne): sorting, transfer and management down from quay of déchèteries within the framework of a contract of public delegation of service, but also collections and cleaning. So many confided services which illustrate a real relation of partnership, based on the confidence, the transparency and which offer real control levers of mutualization of means and budgetary mastery.