Major actor in the industrial sanitation and maintenance sector


SANINORD, a SITA AMI (Industrial sanitation and maintenance) subsidiary, offers a personalised answer to its clients (businesses, local authorities and individuals)’ needs. Especially regarding sanitation, real estate hygiene and industrial maintenance in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy regions (France).

Building upon its expertise and its advanced technologies combined with a constantly innovative approach, SANE-SERC provides a long-term partnership based on trust.


  • Cleaning and pumping the sanitation networks, wastewaters and combined surface waters,
  • Hydrodynamic unblocking and cleaning of the pipes,
  • Pumping and cleaning the sceptic and airtight tanks,
  • Cleaning and pumping treatment plants, pumping stations, settling tanks, sand traps, etc.,
  • Pumping grease tanks,
  • Biologically processing grease,
  • Cleaning and hydrodynamic pumping of accessible networks,
  • Pumping and cleaning sand traps, tanks, egg-shaped sewers, drainage channels, floor drains,
  • Cleaning and disinfecting drinking water stores,
  • Circulating root cutters and concrete breakers,
  • Pumping and cleaning hydrocarbon separators.

Network inspection and diagnosis

  • TV inspection of the sanitation networks (assessing the structure, researching and detecting leaks or infiltration, visualisation of anomalies, etc.),
  • TV inspection of the sanitation connections,
  • Leak and pressure test report
  • Accepting the rehabilitation works of the sanitation networks,
  • Compliance visits,
  • Sanitation networks layout and updates,
  • Flash videos.

Real estate hygiene

  • Hydrodynamic cleaning and descaling of the horizontal and vertical networks,
  • Pipes and garbage chutes overflowing,
  • Pumping grease tanks and pumping stations,
  • Cleaning and maintaining culvert grids, floor drains, gutters, cunettes, manholes and channels,
  • Cleaning with vehicle mounted hot water (100° and 300 bars),
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising refuse shafts,
  • Monitoring the dry risers,
  • Cleaning basements, cellars and parking lots,
  • Fire cleanup,
  • Disinfection, rodent and pest control (3D in French),
  • Cleaning and maintaining kitchen ventilation shafts and hoods,
  • Graffiti removal (water spray cleaning),
  • Cleaning water fountains.

Delegated management

  • Treating draining materials: treating the materials resulting from draining (septic tanks, water tanks) in full compliance with regulations.
  • Processing grease: the treatment units separate water from grease. Treatment plants handle the water and the grease is integrated into an industrial process as energy recovery.

Key facts

Over 7,000 clients

300 collaborators

2 transit / centralisation centres for industrial waste



  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • MASE
    • UIC : within the Union des Industries Chimiques (Chemical industries union) framework
    • CEFRI
    • ISO 9001, 2000 version
    • QUALITASS : skill and quality certification granted by the FNSA (Fédération Nationale du Syndicat de l’Assainissement)