The Specialized Subsidiaries

The Specialized Subsidiaries

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responsible solution for the recycling of your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

SITA DEEE is dedicated to the treatment and recycling of materials and products at the end of their life. As such, SITA DEEE offers a complete collection, recovery and waste disposal package for companies and local authorities.

The expert partner to optimise your WEEE management

  • Thanks to its general contractor status, SITA DEEE can coordinate on your behalf all of our services regarding WEEE management: from collection to recovery, with the help of our subsidiaries and partners (associations, subcontractors etc).
  • We have a central call centre and traceability tool at your disposal, as well as a commercial and operational centre in each of SITA France’s regional subsidiaries.
  • Our complete experience of WEEE management, for companies AND individuals (via environmental organisations), means we can offer tailor-made solutions.
  • We have efficient equipment to process all types of professional and domestic WEEE (from large refrigeration appliances and small household appliances to screens and lamps).

SITA, a responsible and committed operator at your service

  • Expertise in waste and recovery (material and energy), implementation of a quality certification policy, safety measures and compliance with regulations (human/processes)
  • Guaranteed compliance with environmental regulations
  • Proficiency in WEEE and hazardous waste channels (through our subsidiary, SITA Rekem)
  • Very active in encouraging professional training, reintegration and employment of people with disabilities


For professionals: The law of 20 July 2005 makes it mandatory to use selective collection for WEEE put on the market after 13 August 2005 and to route appliances through specific channels. Whether you are a producer or a user of WEEE, SITA offers personalised solutions and handles the collection and recovery for you. For individuals: In order to respect the law of 20 July 2005, SITA WEEE organises the collection of the five types of WEEE identified in regulations in partnership with the relevant environmental organisations (from large refrigeration appliances and small household appliances to screens and lamps) for local authorities and distributors.

Regulatory and environmental guarantee

  • Support in reaching the goal of 20kg/year/resident by 2020
  • Respecting the 50% to 80% recycling or recovery rate for collected materials, in compliance with regulations
  • Traceability guarantee (by stream, product and client)
  • Removal of hazardous materials

Illustration: WEEE cycle of life



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