Recovering all kinds of wood


RBM is a SITA Recyclage national subsidiary specialising in recovering wood for industrial companies and local authorities.


  • Establishing supply schemes for wood-fired heating plants
  • Producing wood fuel suited to each heating plant
  • Delegated management of related products sale
  • Supply delegated management
  • Custom crushing with mobile shredder
  • Access to containers
  • Advice on lumberyard layout
  • Marketing (wood chips, slabs, shavings, fresh bark, composted bark, sawdust, round wood)


RBM recovers and sells a variety of materials for different channels:

  • Wood energy: the wood chips supply the clients’ (industrial companies or local authorities) biomass heating plants
  • Processed wood: the chips and shavings are used in the manufacture of new products: partitions, furniture panels, framework etc. RBM sells sawdust and wood chips to granule manufacturers to be transformed into granules so that companies or individuals can use them. This is a growing market in France. In the industrial sector, RBM supplies very special wood chips to FeSi manufacturers, allowing them to integrate carbon into their process. The latter requires extreme precision to be able to reach the exact composition in the finished product.
  • Wood to be used in the agricultural sector: the wood chips, fresh bark, composted bark and round wood are recovered as compost and used in the agriculture, horticulture and market garden sectors.


By controlling the entire value chain, RBM has proved its real expertise to wood suppliers as well as to its clients.

Being a member of the SITA family, RBM can count on its collection and transportation networks for maximum national coverage.

RBM develops new technologies to optimise wood recovery thanks to SITA’s Research & Development department and its investment capabilities.

Key facts

305,000 tonnes of wood sold in 2013

RBM’s material recovery represents 750,000 MWh/year = the thermal supply for 52,000 households (a city of 136,500 people)

10 RBM facilities