Collecting, processing and recovering cables


Collecting, processing and recovering cables

RECYCÂBLES is the top recycler of cables in France. Located in Noyelles Godault (62, France) on the SITA Agora Ecopole, RECYCÂBLES is a SITA subsidiary that develops innovative technologies by combining successive cable sorting, cutting and crushing methods: electrical, telecommunications, special and produced at demolition worksites.

RECYCÂBLES was designed to handle all kinds of cables, from the simplest to the most complex thanks to the combination of a variety of technologies contributing to the quality of the output products (super-shopper, primary crusher, pre-granulators, densimetric tables, sieves etc).


Fast and alternative transportation: rail/road combo.

  • 5 trucks
  • 1 list of approved transporters
  • 70 rail/road bins
  • 4 trucks equipped with on-board grappling hook and scales


The relevant technology handles the processing of various cables: insulated or sheathed, steel or lead-armoured, thin or wide sections, scraps or end-of-life copper or aluminium-based cables.

  • SORTING: staff trained to identify the cables
  • SLITTING: cutting the cables on reels or big sections
  • REMOVING THE SHEATH: separating the lead sheath from the insulated copper; the lead is recovered in foundries
  • CRUSHING: refining the residue by using crushers and granulators successively


  • POLYMERS: PVC/PE, PE, XLPE, Elastomer


Controls along the value chain starting when receiving the waste: collection or deposit slip, bar-code labels, goods receipt etc.

  • Quality control: Each batch of cable waste is visually controlled in order to check it against the acceptance certificate. Each batch keeps its own receipt number up to its final recovery. A pre-crushing sample and a copper or aluminium shot sample are taken and kept for two months.
  • Quantity control: A mass spectrometer guarantees that the goods meet the purchase specifications. Returning the bar-code label proves the conformity of treatment. A certificate of destruction can be issued.


  • Measurable and open recovery
  • Giving access to containers
  • Fast and regular waste pick-ups
  • 500 collection points
  • Custom solutions in France and abroad
  • Innovative polymers recycling
  • Waste management methods
  • Recovery delay

Key facts

Top cable crusher in Europe

Crushing capacity of 55,000 tonnes/year

22,000 tonnes of cables recovered


  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • Traceability and tracking guarantee for every recycling operation (acceptance certificate, bar-code labelling etc)  
    • Strict control of our production process, guaranteed by ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.