The specialized subsidiaries

The specialized subsidiaries

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SITA Recycling

Valuation material of waste, production and marketing of recycled raw materials.

SITA recycling brings to its customers (industrialists, SME(Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), craftsmen, local authorities) solutions of recycling for all the waste, of the simplest in the most complex.
SITA recycling ensures the valuation of various materials or products (ferrous metals and non-ferrous, plastics, pallets, wood, D3E, Textiles and End-of-life vehicles). After process, these new materials stemming from the recycling, called recycled raw materials, can then enter the manufacturing of new products or be reused.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal

4 specialized subsidiaries:

  • Boone Comenor Metalimpex : Ferrous and non-ferrous metal
  • Next Metal : Non-ferrous metal
  • Recycâbles : Cables
  • Norval : Metals and plastics Production of steel, aluminum and copper recycled.


5 specialized subsidiaries:

  • Sopave : Agricultural plastics
  • Next Polymères :Industrial plastic
  • Regene Atlantique : PET ET PEHD
  • France Plastiques Recyclage : PET ET PEHD
  • SITA Recycling Polymers – Site of Vernie : PVC
  • SITA Recycling Polymers – Site of Landemont : Agricultural Tarpaulins, LDPE 
 Production of PET, PEHD, PVC and 100% recycled collection bags

Wood and pallets

2 specialized subsidiaries:

  • Epalia : pallets
  • RBM : wood


Recycling and the repair of pallets, timber production boiler or particle boards for the furnishing

Complex products

4 specialized subsidiaries:

  • NTA : Textiles
  • SITA WEEE : Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Indra : out of service vehicles
  • Tarmac Aerosave : End-of-life planes

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Turnover : 707 M€

2,9 million tons of marketed Recycled Raw materials