Collection, recovery and sale of palettes


EPALIA is a SITA RECYCLAGE subsidiary specialising in the collection and sale of recycled pallets in France.

EPALIA handles the whole wood and plastic pallet treatment stream: collection, transportation, sorting, repairs, recycling, recovery and sale. It provides its clients with end-to-end compliance with new regulations on packaging.



EPALIA buys pallets in a good state and repairs some of them to sell them to industrial companies and large retailers. EPALIA also gathers all of the wood waste and can install garbage containers and recovery trays on the clients’ sites.


The pallets are divided into three categories:

  • ‘good': can be sold as is
  • ‘broken': can be repaired and then sold
  • ‘unusable': to be crushed


Half of the pallets have to be repaired and checked for squareness. After that, all pallets are checked carefully.


EPALIA owns over 2,000 types of pallets on its sites with a permanent stock of over a million. The pallets can be stored outdoors or indoors on cement or covered platforms to protect their quality and the operators’ work.


Approximately 10% of the pallets are destroyed. To be recovered, the pallet raw waste must be in a non-contaminated or non-ferrous bark form.

The barks are used:

  • to manufacture particle board
  • as energy supply for wood burners
  • as coloured chips to embellish gardens and green spaces
  • as wood support for sewage sludge composting


Key facts

29 agencies spread out over the area


314 skilled partners at your disposal

10 million pallets sold in 2013


  • Sita - site recyclage Godault France
    With regards to its commitment to environmental responsibility, BOUYER LEROUX has decided to recover worksite pallets from its distributors and to call on EPALIA’s know-how for the collection, repair and transportation of the pallets to the South, East and Rhône-Alpes regions. EPALIA set up a dedicated team to handle the administrative services (organising on-site collections, a call centre for BOUYER LEROUX’s clients, receiving the pallets to be returned, managing the returns chartering and setting up collection reports as well as the repairs) to help its clients to the maximum. This contract follows from EPALIA’s strategy to assist industrial companies in their cost reduction policy and their approach to environmental responsibility.
  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
      • Norme NIMP 15
      • Norme EPAL
      • Norme CP
      • Norme VMF
      • Norme Galia
      • Norme Demi-palette 800600
      • Norme Palette 100120
  • SITA Spécialités, Labo-Services - Axens delegated management contract for hazardous and non hazardous industrial waste - Salindres, France
    HOME PALLET is a mobile sorting and repair workshop for pallets, equipped with a real pallet repair table and all the tools necessary for the travelling repairman (hammer, saw blades etc). HOME PALLET can be set up right on the client’s site for the duration of the repairs. Thanks to this innovative service, EPALIA tackles three issues for the client:
    • Reducing the repair costs
    • Immediate availability of the pallets
    • Reducing the company’s carbon footprint