Collecting, processing and recovering agricultural films


SOPAVE is a SITA Recyclage subsidiary specialised in transforming collection bags and films in LDPE.


SOPAVE receives agricultural products from:

  • Silaging,
  • Mulching,
  • Greenhouse,
  • Low tunnels,
  • Wrapping.

SOPAVE works with the eco-organism ADIVALOR in collecting used agricultural films from farms, market gardens or nurseries.
SOPAVE also gets its supplies from:

  • The industrial sector for polyethylene bags and films (collection from its suppliers in moving floors, trucks or cells).
  • Local authorities: collection, processing and recycling of soiled collection bags.


SOPAVE produces 100% recycled and recyclable collection bags as well as LDPE granules to be used in new products.

100% recycled and recyclable collection bags:

  • Different formats are possible (thickness starting at 25 µm, capacity at 30 L, dark or clear colours).
  • Personalised printouts (sorting instructions, corporate communication, events communication, etc.).
  • “BAGLOOP” return service for local authorities: VAT reduced when purchasing recycled bags as compensation for giving used bags.

SOPAVE gives its specifications to the local authorities, including the sorting and baling of used bags, which will then be used in our specialised facilities.


LDPE granules

SOPAVE recycles these products at the end of their life in black or clear granules to be used in film extrusion, bagging, pipe injections or bituminous binders.

The granules are delivered on palettes in big bags or in collection bags.

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Key facts

40,000 tonnes of agricultural film recycled every year by Sopave and SITA Recycling Polymers (Landemont)

100% of the water used in washing the films is recycled and reused.

  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • nf01European standard NF EN 13592®: the quality of the production system is audited on a annual basis by the Laboratoire National d’Essais (LNE)
    • nf02NF Environnement® standard: certifies that its products were made in the respect of the environment.