Recovery, treatment and dedicated hazardous waste services

Sita Rekem / Scori

Recovery, treatment and dedicated hazardous waste services.

Rekem SITA is an entity of SPE , the business division of SITA France specializes in the recovery and treatment of hazardous waste.

SITA Rekem is an expert in energy and material recovery and processing of chemical and industrial waste.

Develop and treat hazardous waste

Rekem SITA is committed to providing the best treatment solutions to its customers through its valuation tools and specialized treatment and a complementary network of 80 European industries :

  • Recycling and regeneration (oil, spent solvents , aerosols , stained glass)
  • Energy and material recovery in cement ,
  • Valuation of chlorinated waste
  • Treatment of salt water and acids,
  • Solutions incineration and treatment for all solid or liquid waste.

Manage the risks associated with waste management

SITA Rekem offers tailor-made services from a complete diagnosis :

  • consulting, training and sorting rules to promote prevention ,
  • approved and innovative packaging ( recyclable materials, labeling facilitates sorting, … )
  • interventions technicians to characterize , sort and prepare the waste for transport, to decontaminate facilities , moving chemicals, manage a closing workshop or site

Optimize the operational management

  • platforms transit – proximity grouping optimizing the flow
  • platforms pre- treatment to prepare reusable fuels
  • organization of collections and optimized transport, in France or abroad (road, rail , sea )
  • expertise of an international cell in the assembly files border transfers
  • waste flow management service ensuring service continuity for the treatment of waste
  • assistance sizing tools pretreatment on-site technical assistance, installation of industrial partnerships

Value waste in cement works

SITA Rekem markets the upgrading process in cement ( materials and energy ) of SCORI developed in partnership with Lafarge, Vicat and Calcia

The + :

  • waste becomes a resource alternating with conventional fossil fuels
  • incineration at high temperature ( 1450 ° C) generates no ash or final waste
  • a very favorable carbon footprint : 200 000 tonnes of oil equivalent and are saved each year

Comprehensive and delegated management

SITA manages Rekem sizing contracts and DELEGATE overall management and implementation . The tailor-made solutions , driven by a dedicated team , integrate all or part of the following services: management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, internal collection , waste management has a park, selection of treatment processes , centralized control .

Key facts

170 millions turnover

600 collaborators (Sita Rekem and SCORI)

6 000 waste producers supported


  • Sita - Arkema gestion globale des déchets des 35 sites de production
    SITA handles the global management of the group’s 35 production sites. SITA organises and optimises the collection, sorting, recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • R-PET certified by HANDLES, FDA, laboratories PIRA and Fraunhofer
    • Approved pallets EPAL
    • Ferailles : E1, E3,E8, E2, E653, E5H, E40, EHRB
    • Bags of collections recycled 100 % certified by NF et NF Envitonnement
  • Sita - pont de Claix - Une référence pour l'incinération spécialisée
    SITA Rekem treats 80,000 tonnes of hazardous waste per year for the Pont-de-Claix (France) hazardous waste high temperature treatment site. Energy recovery by steam production on the chemical platform is generated by one fixed furnace (1200°C) and two independent incineration lines.