SITA Remediation

SITA Remediation

Rehabilitation of polluted sites and soils

SITA Remediation

Rehabilitation of polluted sites and soils

SITA Remediation is a subsidiary of SITA SPE , the business division of SITA France specializes in the recovery and treatment of hazardous waste.
SITA Remediation is the partner for specific interventions or the overall management of a polluted site studies, risk studies , design work , construction work and site monitoring .


“Treatment in situ “

  • Soil treatment without excavation of land by conventional methods
  • Simultaneous treatment of soils, groundwater and floating present
  • Pollution treatment chlorinated .

” Treatments on and off-site “
Treatment of excavated soil :

  • in biological biopile
  • controlled by volatilization Volatilis ®
  • pretreatments on site screening , grinding, Rotalis ® , Mecalis ® , washing …

Valuation of land

SITA Remediation designs platforms treatment including all pretreatment techniques on site screening, thermal desorption, washing land …
These platforms can process and enhance the contaminated soil which are then reused.
The land is valued directly on the site to be treated or the network platforms Neoter®

Pyrotechnic cleanup

SITA Remediation offers all services for the pyrotechnic cleanup military or civilian sites:

  • audit
  • mapping DGPS
  • raising and identification of ammunition
  • destruction
  • dismantling of ammunition.

Design projects

For rehabilitation projects increasingly complex, the design of a bespoke solution, often multi techniques is paramount to the success and quality of services both economically and environmentally

  • Sita - Filiales spécialisées - réhabilitation d'une raffinerie (stavanger - Norvège)
    The refinery , which extends over an area of ​​approximately 100 hectares , had a production capacity of 2.6 million tons of oil per year. She was arrested in April 2000 after 35 years of activity. To convert the site into commercial and industrial area , SITA Remediation has undertaken an extensive program of soil remediation and basement. On the site were excavated 300,000 m3 of material , or + / - 550 000 tonnes, including 100 000 tonnes were treated because of their content of pollutants. Depending on the type of pollutant (gasoline, diesel or other fuel) and the level of contamination , SITA Remediation applied different types of treatments : the best treatment method will be applied :
    • Biological treatment biopile
    • The physico -chemical treatment by washing
    • The thermal desorption treatment
  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • LNE certification services providers in the field of contaminated land. It provides benefits in accordance with the NFX 61-320 standard.
    • MASE – UIC ensuring strict compliance with security measures including intervention on Seveso sites.  
    • ISO 9001 providing our customers with quality service and ability to meet requirements.
    • ic01 ic02 ic03
  • Sita - dépolluer les sols pollués - valoriser des terres polluées en cimenterie
    To answer at the request of the Mayor of Le Havre who wanted to rehabilitate an old site which housed a manufacturing plant and petroleum oils, SITA Remediation proposed an offer to:
    •      Perform an audit to quantify soil pollution
    •      Excavating, screening, sorting land
    •      Maximum reuse of materials on site to optimize costs
    •      Extract the concrete and scrap
    •      Establish healthy embankments, and cover with topsoil
    •      Choosing the appropriate treatment pathways
    •      Valuing land cement