Biogas, methanisation and concentrated effluents management

SITA BioEnergies

For over 40 years, SITA BioEnergies (designer/builder) has been delivering solutions to local authorities and the manufacturing and agricultural industries around the biogas value chain and the treatment of concentrated effluents.

Biogas management

SITA BioEnergies lends assistance every step of the way, from simple purification to designing facilities, maintaining production units and providing technical assistance:

  • Administrative management and enquiries
  • Organic materials preparation and digestion
  • Biogas collection and purification
  • Energy recovery (engines, micro-turbines, ORC, etc.)
  • Flares (manufacture, sale, rental)
  • Specialised services for storage facilities
  • Setting up networks
  • Tuning networks
  • Studying biogas reservoirs/mapping biogas discharges

Concentrated effluents treatment

SITA BioEnergies (designer/operator), provides turnkey solutions:

  • Biological treatment (nitrification/denitrification)
  • Membrane treatment
  • Physico-chemical treatment
  • Thermal treatment – Vaporisation
  • Evaporation-concentration/crystallisation

Key facts

50 biogas recovery and treatment units designed and operated by SITA BioEnergies

40 leachate treatment units built in France and abroad by SITA BioEnergies

30 engineers and technicians at the forefront of innovation


  • Sita - Filiales spécialisées - Sonsay - Adaptation aux évolutions des sites industriels
    Le site de Pennes Mirabeau (13) souhaite mettre en place une solution de valorisation qui permet la production d'énergie verte en s'assurant d'une valorisation du biogaz atteignant les 75%. Sur la base d'une étude de gisement SIMCET, SITA BioEnergies a mis en place 3 moteurs de 1MW électrique additionnés à une turbine Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) de 150 kW qui permet de valoriser les fumées des 2 moteurs ou de brûler directement du biogaz via un brûleur spécialement conçu. Cette solution originale et innovante permet une grande flexibilité de valorisation du biogaz excédentaire lorsque les moteurs sont arrêtés puisque le système de brûlage du biogaz alimente l'ORC. Cette technologie a permis au site d'atteindre les standards de la TGAP La valorisation énergétique
  • Sonzay
    The Sonzay site was one of the first industrial sites in France to break new ground by leaping upon the prospect of recovering biogas. In addition to pursuing this aim, the site had to install a leachate treatment plant offering a capacity of 18,000m3/year. SITA has operated the 80-hectare site in Sonzay since 1985. In 2001, SITA BioEnergies designed and built the biogas recovery platform. SITA BioEnergies currently uses this technology to supply electricity to 5,700 homes (20,000 MW/year). Sonzay is a long-standing SITA BioEnergies site and one of the first to use a bioreactor. In 2011, SITA Centre led a project to increase the capacity of the leachate treatment plant to 30,000 m3. In 2012, Sonzay renewed its trust in SITA BioEnergies to design, build and operate the leachate treatment plant. Sonzay is recognised for its combined industrial and environmental challenges, since it is home to 56 species of bird listed by the France's national natural history museum. SITA BioEnergies accepted the challenge and created bespoke landscaping solutions to encourage ecosystems.