Marketing and trade of recycled raw materials


SITA Négoce handles the marketing and sale of raw materials recycled, collected, sorted and conditioned by either SITA France (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT) recycling centres or by other operators.

Which recycled raw materials?

SITA Négoce markets:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Other specific materials

SITA Négoce: a major player in international exchanges

SITA Négoce offers reliable service thanks to its globally recognised logistics expertise as well as its multilingual partners.

SITA Négoce and its waste experts audit and buy recoverable materials in partnership with SITA subsidiaries (spread out over France) and other suppliers.

Providing users with guarantees

SITA Négoce makes sure that raw materials professionals (plastic processors, paper producers, steel manufacturers etc) are provided with constant and quality supplies a partnership built to last in order to guarantee trust between partners.

SITA Négoce sells quality recycled raw materials and guarantees regular supplies to its industrial clients in France, Europe and Asia.

Why choose SITA Négoce?

SITA Négoce guarantees reliable and safe management of technical, financial, regulatory and logistical aspects to the producers and users of recycled goods so that they get quality recycled raw materials at the lowest possible cost.

  • Up-front choice of the best materials: our field experts choose the best materials based on quality, price and availability in order to meet producers’ and users’ needs.
  • Optimum organisation of the producers/users flow (finances, logistics): monitoring and analysis of the exchange rates and market progression, material sourcing, optimum organisation of the materials collection and transfer.
  • Guarantee of the regulatory compliance of upstream and downstream transactions, traceability and reporting.
  • Identification and development of the most relevant outlets on the French, European and international markets.
  • Ability to face the challenges of new channels, whether they are prompted by regulations (new Extended Producer Responsibility, Grenelle Environment Forum) or users’ needs (increase in the portion of recycled raw materials in products).

SITA Négoce: The partner for local authorities

SITA Négoce is the national reference for local authorities for Recovery contracts (Federation option) or Guaranteed Waste Recovery by Waste Operators contracts.

The latter provides local authorities with:

  • Reliable pick-up of recyclable materials in recycling centres
  • Guaranteed recycling and certification entitling Eco-Emballages or Adelphe to grants per tonne recycled.
  • Guaranteed durable recovery contract
  • Traceability of the tonnages recovered

Contrary to the Recovery contract, the Guaranteed Waste Recovery by Waste Operators allows each local authority to negotiate the recovery rates freely, taking into account local characteristics (recycling channels within the local authority territory, logistics etc).

SITA Négoce, an expert in managing recycled raw materials


Key facts

40 dedicated partners

6,000 transactions per month

25,000 tonnes transported by river per year