The specialized Subsidiaries

The specialized Subsidiaries

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SITA Rebond

Business integration through economic activity

SITA Rebond is specialized in the integration of problem groups :

  • accompaniment
  • training
  • return to work up the field of action of this subsidiary of SITA .

Act for the return to work …


  • Develop and implement employability and social support projects. It places its activity under the framework law on the fight against exclusion.
  • Promote reintegration through existing businesses in the areas of construction , catering , logistics , environment
  • Supporting people in integration through social and professional management team
  • Guarantee services throughout the country via 12 insertion structures located in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Champagne Ardennes , Ile-de-France and PACA .

… with a 5-step method

1. Partnerships
Integration into an existing network of partnerships ( Pôle Emploi , plie , Local Missions , Associations, training centers … )

2 . Recruitment
Support the recruitment and training of employees

3 . CDDI The ( Fixed Term Contract Insertion )
Hiring candidates on the basis of a first contract 4 months , for a maximum period of 24 months

4. The contract mission Interim
Creating an assignment agreement to delegate the candidate recruited in the company

5. The personalized support
Coaching on personal and professional aspects ( business , language proficiency , health, financial problems , housing and mobility)

6 . Training
Training through the development of a professional project ( TRE , environmental businesses , CV workshops …) , safety training in work

« I have a real job in hand »
« My reference to the Mission Locale oriented me to SITA Rebond . At the time, I had no career plan. So I joined the sorting line and I was followed by a socio- professional flanking . She helped me find a home.

Then I worked with her on my career . With all the effort I have put forward, I managed to get a CDI at SITA IDF as caractériseur .
Today I have a real job in hand and I’m proud to be arrived at this point through the work »


« My future is built »
« I had worked but not in France, in an activity of operation during 2 years. Arrived in France, my work experiences were not recognized and I was not able to find employment.
I applied at SITA Rebond who gave me of the work onto the chain of sorting then presented me a professional project as ambulance driver.
My project was validated and today, I am positioned on ambulance driver’s training.
That helps me a lot because my future builds itself. I am going to be able to evolve and put into practice my skills, be recognized as French citizen, have a home, by the purchasing power. »


31,130 hours of training including 4 180 hours of training vocational or leading to a qualification.


8,483 hours of professional support

5,969 hours of social support