TERRALYS specialises in the agronomic treatment and recovery of organic waste.


TERRALYS specialises in the agronomic treatment and recovery of organic waste.

A key player in sustainable development, TERRALYS collects and re-uses organic waste such as sludge (manure, liquid manure and sewage sludge), the fermentable portion of household waste (vegetable peelings, etc.) and the waste from the agri-food industry, green waste and agricultural waste (dregs, grape stalks, etc.).

This waste is either applied directly to the land or used to produce compost for soil conditioning for agriculture or landscape gardening.

Building upon its expertise and wide range of technologies, TERRALYS provides multi-technique and multi-sector solutions for waste treatment to its clients.


TERRALYS assists its clients and provides answers to guarantee the industrial, commercial and environmental success of the local authorities and industry organic waste recovery project.

  • Feasibility and sizing studies, impact studies, completion of application files for classified facilities,
  • Audits, expert appraisals, risk assessments,
  • Regulatory watch
  • Choice of treatment solution
  • Economic and financial study of your project,
  • Completion of validation procedures and the development of marketing outlets, with the support of our sales network, TERRALYS DISTRIBUTION.


The facilities designed by TERRALYS ally high levels of technical and economic performance with respect for natural or urban sites. They are underpinned by a wide range of technologies, some patented, to provide sustainable solutions to the treatment of organic waste.


TERRALYS organises and implements land spreading, and uses its agronomic expertise to recover over 1,500,000 tonnes of organic waste with the help of 5,000 farmers.

TERRALYS’ operation also means controlling the processes and the quality follow-up of the compost stream. Thanks to its work ethics, TERRALYS was granted certifications for composts and various products resulting from waste treatment.


TERRALYS DISTRIBUTION markets four ranges of validated or standardised products:

  • Organic soil conditioners,
  • Organic fertilisers,
  • Liming materials,
  • Agricultural-base organic soil conditioners from water treatment..

For further information: www.terralys.fr

Key facts

56 composting units

300,000 tonnes of validated or standardised compost in the following areas: garden centres, agricultural cooperative, nurseries and farmers

1,500,000 tonnes of organic waste RECOVERED every year


  • Sita - Filiales spécialisées - Tembec St Gaudens - Papeterie fibre d'excellence
    CONJUGUER VALORISATION AGRONOMIQUE, VALORISATION ÉNERGÉTIQUE ET VENTE D’AMENDEMENTS MINÉRAUX La papeterie Tembec, située près de Saint-Gaudens (31), a confié à TERRALYS la commercialisation de sa production de carbonates, soit environ 35 000 tonnes/an. En complément, un avenant a été signé pour le compostage des boues en substitution de la filière épandage ; le compostage est réalisé sur le site de production du papetier.
  • Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
      • Certification ISO 9001 des activités de l’entreprise,
      • Certification environnementale ISO 14001 de sites de traitement,
      • Utilisation de la méthode HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) qui sécurise les filières de traitement des déchets organiques d’origine animale
  • Sita - Filiales spécialisées - Haganis (Metz Métropole) sécuriser la gestion des boues d'épuration
    SECURING SEWAGE SLUDGE MANAGEMENT BY VARYING THE RECOVERY STREAMS The Metz Métropole communauté d’agglomération created Haganis, its public company dedicated to the technical and commercial operation of sanitation and waste treatment plants. Its treatment plants produce 24, 144 tonnes of sludge. Terralys is a unique partner for Haganis. Terralys is in direct contact with the operators of the treatment plant and is in charge of allocating the sludge flows into the different recovery streams. Thanks to Terralys’ follow-up and traceability tools, Haganis receives a montly report on the quality and stream of each sludge lot.