Agronomic recovery

Agronomic recovery

Facilitate the agronomic recovery of your waste
Neoval: 50,000 tonnes of household and similar waste treated!
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Agronomic recovery

As of 1 January 2012, large producers of organic waste have to organise source sorting and agronomic recovery of their waste. SITA assists its clients in following the regulations by offering complete collection and agronomic recovery of their waste.

Collecting and separating organic waste

SITA handles the collection for local authorities and industrial companies of organic waste that can be agronomically recovered (agrifood companies, restaurants, treatment plants). In certain cases, that involves a mechanical-biological treatment to isolate organic waste unsorted at the source from household waste. SITA also undertakes the organic unpacking of expired food for the agrifood and retail industrials.

Transforming organic waste into natural soil conditioner and compost

SITA recovers organic waste as compost at composting plants where every step is carried out under control:

  • Basin cleaning to isolate the treatment plants sludge
  • Analysing the organic waste received
  • Anaerobic treatment
  • Cleaning and screening of the compost
  • Analysis and control of the compost
  • Approval

SITA’s subsidiary TERRALYS is responsible for marketing the approved compost to farmers and garden centres.

Transforming organic waste into renewable energy

Biodegradable waste can be transformed into renewable energy by anaerobic digestion. This is a process by which the biogas produced by fermenting organic waste is extracted to become energy. SITA is responsible for designing and operating the anaerobic digestion units, as well as for every step of the process, depending on the nature of the organic waste (wet or dry).

Key facts

1 million tonnes of organic waste treated and recovered

88 composting plants in France

525,000 tonnes of compost produced in 2011


  • Neoval: 50,000 tonnes of household and similar waste treated!
    Sita - Néoval traitement des déchets ménagers

    Thanks to special sorting techniques, the new mechanical-biological (MBT) sorting facility located in Salindre facilitates the isolation of recyclable materials from household waste (which should have been in the selective collections) and the biodegradable waste, which will become compost.
    Néoval offers an efficient solution fitting the needs of its environment to develop:
    –    the material recovery of the waste
    –    the agronomic recovery of food waste and the production of compost
    –    the energy recovery of waste with a high calorific value (PCI)

  • YELLOWBIO : recovering food oils

    YELLOWBIO® is a SITA service which has the role of transforming used food oils from the catering and food processing industries into recyclable biofuels destined for industrial combustion plants to generate heat and electricity.

    In partnership with SMICVAL (intercommunal household waste treatment and recycling syndicate in the Libournais Haute-Gironde region), SITA has organised new collection drums for food oils in the 12 recycling centres. Equipped with new funnel lids, these drums guarantee ergonomic design and hygiene, and allow individuals to pour all their used food oils in the drums. The oils are then treated and transformed.

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