Industrial waste collection

Industrial waste collection

Traceability and budget and environmental optimisation
Overall waste management of Renault (Cléon – France)
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Industrial waste collection

In order to answer its client regulatory and environmental requirements, SITA proposes a large range of solutions: from simple operational collections to waste streams management, for maximum recovery.

Providing an efficient solution

SITA identifies waste streams, collection points and existing systems to offer custom-made solutions and improvement areas regarding waste recovery, logistics and CO2 emission reduction.

Optimising collection methods

Taking into account the companies’ activities and the nature of their waste, SITA provides collection methods designed to recover as much waste as possible and to guarantee their safe presence on site (in the case of hazardous waste). Therefore, SITA:

  • Supplies containers: wheelie bins, underground containers, trucks, approved specialised packing for hazardous waste transportation…
  • Fits the collection method to the type of hazardous waste (emergency, on call out or contract collection by a chemist…)
  • Designs recovery areas, on site waste collection points, chips areas, liquid waste treatment plants…
  • Develops waste reduction tools on site: compactors, crushers and baling presses…

Guaranteeing traceability

SITA provides its clients with concrete data reporting performances:

  • On-call service and inter-agency cooperation to guarantee uninterrupted service
  • Traceability of the streams and collections
  • Customised follow-up extranet
  • Definition and follow-up of indicators and areas to improve.

Key Facts

1.3 million industrial waste collection circuits

56,000 tonnes of ICW collected


  • Overall waste management of Renault (Cléon – France)
    Sita - Renault Cleon gestion globale des déchets (Seine-Maritime)

    Through its delegated waste management activities on industrial sites, SITA Solving has been assisting Renault since 2011 in its industrial waste management on the Cléon site (manufacture of engines and gear levers).

    As part of this contract, SITA takes overall charge of the waste (collection, sorting, recovery and treatment) and uses all of its technical, engineering and organisational expertise with approximately 30 people on site full time.

  • Reims teaching hospital global solutions for the management and recovery of waste
    Sita - CHU de Reims gestion globale des déchets - collecte et valorisation énergétique

    SITA handles the global management of the two main establishments and the six annexes of Reims teaching hospital (France, 51) with a total of 2,500 beds. As part of the contract, SITA also provides on-site personnel.

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