Collecting and transporting hazardous waste

Collecting and transporting hazardous waste

Safety across the board
Pesticide collections for Adivalor
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Collecting and transporting hazardous waste

Local authorities, industrial companies and healthcare professionals: SITA offers solutions for collecting and transporting hazardous waste, guaranteeing safety and traceability.

Clinical waste: safe handling 

SITA provides appropriate and ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) approved packaging solutions. These solutions guarantee that the waste will be perfectly sealed from collection to transportation to treatment.

Hazardous industrial waste: custom-made solutions 

SITA offers a range of ‘classic’ collections on site as well as more specific solutions:

  • On-site intervention by our people to identify and prepare the waste for transportation within the ADR treaty and safety measures
  • Contractual and/or call-out waste collection, according to volume and organisation
  • Internal collection of waste (from the worksite) or external collection (from landfill sites)
  • Emergency collection (within 24 or 48 hours)
  • Access to flexible tools to organise collection systems via the internet

Hazardous waste: guaranteeing safe transportation and compliance with regulations

In order to optimise and secure transportation, SITA guarantees:

  • waste traceability with identification labelling
  • appropriate vehicles fit for ADR transportation of hazardous waste
  • skilled drivers (ADR, certification A, hazardous waste handling, control before loading internal training)
  • a large range of approved packaging and waste labelling solutions
  • services to guarantee waste transportation compliance (ADR preparation for transportation, reconditioning of waste by chemical engineers, sampling etc)
  • Safety Consultant Hazardous Materials (CSTMD) services

Domestic waste: appropriate collection points

Households produce hazardous waste such as solvents, batteries, paints and cleaning products, and these must be collected and processed too. SITA provides local authorities with mobile or fixed collection points to collect and route the waste to treatment centres.

Key facts

1,500 industrial cleaning and pumping vehicles.

2.9 million tonnes of treated hazardous waste.

8 certifications: Mase, Cofrac, Qualitas, Cefri, ISO 14001, 9001, OHSAS 18001, Responsive Care


  • Pesticide collections for Adivalor
    Sita - Adivalor Collecte de pesticides

    SITA collects over 1,900 tonnes of sodium arsenite (pesticide) from more than 13,000 winegrowers everywhere in France for the environmental NPO Adivalor. 450 collection operators received waste management training and chemical engineers supervised everything.

  • Bouches-du-Rhône: collection and energy recovery of ICW
    Sita - CHU de Reims gestion globale des déchets - collecte et valorisation énergétique

    SITA is in charge of collecting and transporting the yearly 6,500 tonnes of clinical waste coming from healthcare facilities (nursing homes, hospitals, private clinics etc) in the Bouches-du-Rhône region.

  • ARKEMA: Global management of 35 production sites
    Sita - Arkema gestion globale des déchets des 35 sites de production

    SITA handles the global management of the group’s 35 production sites.

    SITA organises and optimises the collection, sorting, recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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