Communal collection

Communal collection

Get all of your recyclable waste
Greater Lyon - France: collections for 435,000 residents in six areas
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Communal collection

Domestic and similar waste collection is an essential first step for recovery. SITA provides local authorities with solutions fit for their territory.

Taking into account the environment to organise the collection service

  • Door-to-door collections (selective sorting, organic waste, household waste)
  • Voluntary collections or collection points
  • Mobile or fixed local recycling centres
  • Bulky waste collection upon request or at arranged times
  • Specific collections: dispersed hazardous waste, textile, ICW…
  • Alternative transportation (electrical vehicles, automated collection, river collection points, horse-drawn collection…).

Operating the services

  • Recovering data when operating (user identification, sorting errors, tonnage collected, element preventing collection)
  • Data analysis
  • Improvement of service (modification of the collection circuits, targeted communication to improve sorting…)
  • Retrieving the data thanks to a unique dedicated portal: SIRIEL

Involving the citizens in sorting

  • Targeted educational tools (door-to-door visits, interactive tools, etc.)
  • Implementation of Incentive pricing tools as set by the Grenelle Forum on Environment (Incentive pricing or special fee)


Key Facts

15 million inhabitants are collected in France

5,035 collection vehicles half of which uses alternative energies (electricity, Diester ©, NGV…)


  • Greater Lyon - France: collections for 435,000 residents in six areas
    Sita - grand Lyon

    SITA is responsible for the collection services in six areas in Lyon and Villeurbanne, in Greater Lyon, totalling 435,000 residents.

    In order to guarantee the well-being of its people, limit road congestion and noise, SITA optimises its collection circuits and now uses 100 electrical refuse collection vehicles.

    To optimise its services in each area, collection vehicles are equipped with GPS terminals for tracking from departure to return. On every circuit, SITA partners and the client are able to identify problems or incidents and work towards a real-time solution.

  • Valenciennes – France: sorting experts raise awareness
    Sita - Valenciennes - sensibilisation assurée par les experts du tri

    In collaboration with Valenciennes Métropole, SITA has developed targeted communication tools to raise awareness of the need for recycling. Our ‘recycling experts’ go door to door where recycling performance is low, explaining why recycling is beneficial and the mistakes to avoid. They are equipped with special communication tools (video, guide, educational pack…) to support their case. Stickers are placed on wrongly sorted bins and a document is left in the mailbox if the residents are out.

    In addition, satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis to assess whether residents follow our advice to improve services.

    19.9% refusal rate before the communication campaign

    14.8% refusal rate after the communication campaign

    94% of people surveyed were satisfied with the domestic waste collection and selective sorting.

  • My mobile collection point
    Sita - ma décheterie mobile

    Easy to use, eco-friendly and especially adapted to the urban environment, My mobile collection point is a local facility which makes up for the lack of fixed collection points by allowing residents to get rid of their waste and bulky waste. Flexible and innovative, this new-style container designed by SITA is set up in less than an hour with no need for collection vehicles.


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