Decontamination of sites and soils

Decontamination of sites and soils

Preserving resources and the environment
Pyrotechnic decontamination - Issy-les-Moulineaux
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Decontamination of sites and soils

Decontamination, pyrotechnic pollution (demining, shell removal etc) management: SITA experts are there to reclaim contaminated sites and soils.

To each pollutant its technique

Decontamination can take place on or off site: Decontamination in situ:

  • Soil: without excavating (usual processes: venting, bioventing, sparging).
  • Soil, groundwater and floatables: simultaneously (E.T.P.® patented procedure)
  • Chlorinated pollutants: innovative oxidation techniques in situ: Oxidis® or anaerobic biodegradation techniques: Bionappe®


  • Soil with excavation: the excavated soil can be treated organically (in biopiles), by controlled volatilisation (Volatilis®) or pre-treatment (screening, crushing, Rotalis®, Mecalis®, washing etc).

Decontamination off site As the management of excavated soil, SITA Remediation and SITA FD design treatment centres to treat and recover contaminated soils for re-use. This recovery concept can be implemented on site or on the Neoter® platform networks. Sita-Tri-Terre-Def-V2-28-08-13

Experts on pyrotechnic decontamination

SITA’s expertise is also applicable to the defence sector. Our expert teams composed of pyrotechnicians and E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) operate every step of the pyrotechnic decontamination process: from the audit of a site, the destruction of objects, detecting and identifying targets to dismantling and demolishing buildings.

Innovating in contaminated soil recovery 

SITA FD created the Neoter® brand. The Neoter® facilities make it possible to optimise transportation, treatment and costs by maximising soil recovery. This recovery is based on pre-treatments (screening, crushing, phase separation) and on the Biocentre® (this process uses the natural action of micro-organisms that degrade pollutants).

Key facts

11 soil decontamination platforms

101 tonnes of ammunition treated in 2013

1 million contaminated soils treated and recovered every year


  • Pyrotechnic decontamination - Issy-les-Moulineaux
    Sita - Issy les Moulineaux - Dépollution pyrotechnique

    Carried out over the 12 hectares of the Issy-les-Moulineaux Fort, the decontamination consisted of removing asbestos and demolishing the 9.5 hectares of superstructures, infrastructures and networks as well as checking and guaranteeing the safety of the demolition and pyrotechnic decontamination. Some 873 targets were detected, and 2,988 pieces of ammunition (of which 22 were active) were identified and destroyed.

  • Decontamination certifications
    Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • Certifications :
      NFX 61-320 standard.
      MASE – UIC
      ISO 9001
      Studies – Domain A Design – Domain B
  • Roemisloch decontamination worksite
    Sita - dépolluer les sols pollués - Roemisloch - Chantier de dépollution

    SITA Remediation took charge of an old recycling centre full of toxic contamination. Particular protection was needed for the environment and on-site personnel:

    • A contained environment controlled 24/7 by a multi-settings radio transmission device and individual sensors.
    • Excavation of the waste with pressurised cabin vehicles.
    • Loading the waterproof maritime containers by means of a supervised conveyor controlled by video camera
    • Multimodal transportation (road-rail transport) to Herne, our thermal desorption subsidiary in Germany.
    • Technical supervision of all contained works by SITA Remediation operators trained on the operation and maintenance of individual respiratory protective equipment.
    • Operation of supervision devices and prevention methods (hydraulic containment pumping and contained area ventilation) 24/7 for the duration of the works.


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