Delegated waste management

Delegated waste management

SITA takes care of everything!
Delegated management of the Getrag Ford Transmissions plant in Blanquefort (Gironde region, France)
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Delegated waste management

SITA builds upon its expertise in waste management recovery and treatment to offer delegated waste management contracts to its clients. We offer operational and administrative services as well as advisory and engineering missions.

A complete range of solutions

As an industrial partner, SITA adapts its solutions to all sizes and types of businesses and guarantees:

  • Logistics and waste transportation: collection in situ, conditioning, waste stores management, preparation for ADR transportation, transportation (by roads, rails, rivers, etc.), traceability, etc.
  • Administrative and operational management: monthly reporting and quarterly statements, advice and selection of the best waste treatment/recovery/reuse streams, GDAO.
  • Advisory and engineering missions: new waste identification and management, environmental communication, design of innovative hazardous waste collection or pre-treating tools, sizing of waste stores.

A unique partner

Factoring in your site and your needs, we design, finance and build appropriate tools to improve your financial and environmental performances:

  • physical-chemical effluent treatment stations,
  • modular waste stores on site,
  • pressing, compacting and crushing tools

SITA also takes care of industrial cleaning and maintenance operations:

  • high and very high-pressure cleaning,
  • cryogenics,
  • disinfection,
  • pumping, cleaning of tanks,
  • cleaning and inspection of networks and integrated services (upkeep of green spaces, tertiary cleaning, etc.).

These are planned around your needs so as to no bother the operation of your sites.

Never-ending improvement

With you, SITA commits to progress and results. To facilitate traceability, we developed the G2FM softsware (Global Facilities Management). You can now follow in real time your waste collection and treatment, from the purchase order to billing as well as request interventions via an extranet.

Key facts

55 industrial sites use delegated management

8 certifications: Mase, Cofrac, Qualitas, Cefri, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, Responsive Care


  • Delegated management of the Getrag Ford Transmissions plant in Blanquefort (Gironde region, France)

    SITA guarantees a 24/7 collection in the workshops, handles the night maintenance for industrial washing machines and cleaning products sources, and carries out preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of the networks.

  • Delegated management of the Renault motor production site in Cléon (Seine- Maritime)
    Sita - Renault Cleon gestion globale des déchets (Seine-Maritime)

    SITA guarantees full management of all waste streams in situ. We design, build and operate innovative equipment with the aim of improving the recovery and reducing costs:

    • rotating filter under vacuum to treat hydrocarbon sludge,
    • swarf centrifuge to treat metals, etc.

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