Energy recovery

Energy recovery

Recovering all the energy contained in our waste
Econôtre: optimising energy-from-waste recovery
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Waste energy recovery

With its energy recovery facilities, SITA supplies local and renewable energy to local authorities and industrial companies.

Waste as a source of renewable energy

Waste recovery is necessary to reach goals set by the Grenelle Forum on the Environment (20% of renewable energy by 2020). A key player in the circular economy, SITA takes advantage of its energy recovery centres to produce electricity and/or heat and steam to supply urban heating networks or to be reused directly in the industrial process.

An efficient and safe solution

SITA uses various methods to transform the waste into energy-producing combustibles:


  • The heat produced by the combustion of non-hazardous waste heats up a water circuit which, in turn, drive turbines and generates electricity and/or heat
  • Incineration of hazardous waste in special flues at the heart of chemical plants to supply energy as steam to industrial customers

Co-incineration: the hazardous waste is treated to obtain substitute liquid and/or solid fuels with a high calorific value (CLS, CSS). SITA SPE’s subsidiary SCORI, specialising in cement kiln co-incineration, saves up to 200,000 tonnes of substitute fuel per year.

Anaerobic digestion: SITA uses its MTB units and storage centres to recover the biogas resulting from the fermentation of organic waste to power various recovery systems (motors, turbines etc) to generate energy.

Reducing the environmental footprint

Reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint is a priority for SITA which:

  • Substitutes fossil fuels with local and renewable energy
  • Recovers the clinker resulting from incineration
  • Recovers and treats the emissions resulting from waste combustion

Key facts

1.5 million megawatts of power and 1.6 million megawatts of heat sold every year by SITA

36 energy recovery units

4.5 million tonnes of waste recovered as energy in 2012 in authorised plants.


  • Econôtre: optimising energy-from-waste recovery
    Sita - optimisation de la valorisation énergétique issue des déchets

    SITA has offered to recover residual energy from the Econôtre energy recovery unit near Toulouse, France. This high quality cogeneration (CHP+) system will start operating in October 2014 and will facilitate residual energy recovery by heating 10 hectares of horticultural greenhouses as well as saving 2,400 tonnes of CO2emissions.

    The energy recovery unit will supply between 30GWh and 35GWh for greenhouse heating in a full year.

  • Pont-de-Claix: a reference in specialised incineration
    Sita - pont de Claix - Une référence pour l'incinération spécialisée

    SITA Rekem treats 80,000 tonnes of hazardous waste per year for the Pont-de-Claix (France) hazardous waste high temperature treatment site. Energy recovery by steam production on the chemical platform is generated by one fixed furnace (1200°C) and two independent incineration lines.

  • SCORI Lillebonne: recovering hydrocarbon waste
    Sita - Lillebonne - fabrication des combustibles de substitution

    SCORI Lillebonne (76) is authorised to recover waste as a hazardous waste treatment facility.

    Its status as an authorised warehouse-keeper allows it to store and release for consumption mineral oils and hydrocarbon-based products.

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