Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance

Protecting your equipement
Sanitising oil containers - Le Havre (France)
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Industrial maintenance

SITA offers maintenance and sanitation solutions in order to protect your industrial equipment and facilities. These operations are carried out continuously or during shutdown programmes.

Sanitising your facilities

SITA uses high-pressure techniques to sanitise your industrial facilities.

We offer these services:

  • Diagnosis and video inspection of the networks
  • Degassing and cutting of reservoirs
  • De-dusting and pumping of powdery products
  • Re-testing of tanks

Hazardous waste evacuation and treatment

We can also proceed to the evacuation and transportation of liquid waste such as sludge and sand from cleaning, greases, hydrocarbon products and other industrial hazardous wastes. After that, we treat the waste in our specialised centres.


  • Sanitising oil containers - Le Havre (France)
    Sita - Le havre - Nettoyage des bacs pétroliers

    SITA AMI sanitised the surface of a heavy fuel reservoir of 72 metres in diameter and evacuated 1,000 tonnes of liquid waste. As part of its services, SITA used a magnetic robot for the very high-pressure stripping of the interior wall as high as 16 metres up. In order to ensure the operators’ safety, the robot was remotely operated from the roof of the reservoir.

  • Certifications of industrial maintenance
    Sita - Certifications - Maintenance industrielle
    • ISO 9001 : 2000
    • MASE
    • GEHSE
  • Mechanical cleaning of accessible sanitation networks
    Sita - Curage mécanique des réseaux d'assainissement visitables d'Ile-de-France

    In the Paris region, SITA AMI worked on hundreds of kilometres of sewers as large as four metres in diameter and at depths of up to 100 meters.

    Controlling of effluent discharges, installing mobile gas treatment units and building special machines (dismountable mini cleaning carriage) were necessary actions.

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