Sorting and separating materials

Sorting and separating materials

Increase quantity and quality of recycled materials
VALOR PÔLE 72 new generation sorting center
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Sorting and separating materials

Sorting is key in the waste recovery process: the quantity and quality of the materials that will be prepared, marketed and reused in manufacturing depend on it. SITA provides its clients with cutting-edge technologies and organisations so as to facilitate maximum recovery of every type of waste.

Assisting you in increasing source sorting

Source sorting (by local residents, businesses or industrials), increases recovery performances. SITA designs and implants suitable selective collection devices and assists its clients with raising awareness among the population and training their employees to encourage their involvement in the sorting process.

Innovations for better performances

SITA’s sorting platforms combine highly efficient technologies (to separate the materials in smaller parts) with human action focusing more and more on quality control. Improving the sorting centres’ performances is the topic of constant researches and innovations. These facilitate the recovery of 90% of incoming waste in the next generation sorting centres:

  • Trommels and ballistic separators to separate mixed waste
  • Successive optical separations of plastics by resin and colour
  • Magnetic separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Automated operation

Ecopoles of multi-stream recovery

SITA owns numerous ecopoles in France. Veritable local re-industrialisation projects, they can handle waste sorting, recycling and recovery activities thanks to special road, rail and river accesses. Thanks to these ecopoles, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced since transportation is limited and recovery is improved thanks to the in situ routing of the waste to the best stream or combined streams.

Télécharger le schéma de fonctionnement de l’unité de tri mécano biologique de Salindres (30)

Key Facts

59 sorting centres household selective collection of waste

30 platforms for the sorting and recovery of industrial waste

42 sorting platforms for hazardous industrial waste


  • VALOR PÔLE 72 new generation sorting center
    Sita - Valor Pôle 72 centre de tri nouvelle génération

    SITA manages the sorting center VALOR PÔLE 72 at Le Mans (72).

    This Eco Center, which provides waste treatments from separate collections in order to product secondary raw materials useful for sorting platforms, receives the most advanced sorting systems for edged treatments and an optimal valorization of flows.

  • GENERIS (22) a next generation sorting centre in Ploufragan (France)
    SITA Ile-de-France - Villers-Saint-Paul sorting center and Esiane WtE unit (waste to energy)

    Every year, GENERIS recovers (among other things) 18,000 tonnes of sorted waste produced by the 300,000 inhabitants of the central part of the Côtes d’Armor region (France).

    In order to guarantee a fine-tuned treatment and optimal recovery of the streams (newspapers, packaging, plastics, steel, aluminium and even collection bags), GENERIS is now equipped with the most advanced technologies to sort through hollow items (such as a bottle), flat items (such as paper) and plastics as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    With GENERIS, SITA and SMETTRAL provide an excellent solution to new sorting instructions for plastic materials resulting from the Eco-Emballage experiment. They also produce new resins destined to recycling streams giving a second life to plastics films and trays.

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