Maintenance and nuclear engineering

Maintenance and nuclear engineering

A major global references in nuclear domain

Maintenance and nuclear engineering

SITA takes advantage of its own technologies, innovating tools and agents trained in this advanced area to offer services that are well known in the field, and it is now one of the world leaders.

Robotics at the service of nuclear safety

  • Steam generators tube plates sludge lancing
    With the linking up of high pressure industrial technology with televisual equipment, operations on nuclear facilities have become very precise. Maintenance and nuclear engineering experts have used this method on over 3,000 steam generators, which is why they are considered a leader in this field.
  • Inspection and televisual expertise in hazardous areas
    Assisted by a mobile TV equipment, experts can fully inspect a nuclear plant and carry out assessments.
  • Extraction of foreign elements with remotely operated tools
    In order to ensure nuclear safety, our experts use pliers, pumps or vacuums attached to supports to facilitate independent exploration. This method is extremely effective.

Specific cleaning and monitoring techniques

  • Cleaning the water supply and cooling systems
    We use high pressure hydrodynamic tools adapted to every environment (rotating heads, high pressure tools going up to 2,500 bar etc) to guarantee the full cleaning of the water supply and cooling systems.
  • Studying and developing monitoring and cleaning tools
    In order to develop extraction tools that are increasingly efficient, the engineering office works closely with the AMI (industrial sanitation and maintenance) experts for each particular project or need.

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