Urban sanitation

Urban sanitation

A better living environment
Cleaning of beaches on Landes littoral
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Urban sanitation

SITA designs innovative solutions to provide a cleaner and saner living environment.

A complete range of solutions

SITA’s solutions factor in the specificity of every town/district and include:

  • Cleaning and washing the roads and public spaces, parking lots, school playgrounds,
  • Green spaces waste management and organic weeding,
  • Seasonal and call out operations: leaf clean up, gritting,
  • Emergency operations: unblocking drains, decontamination, hazardous waste evacuation, uncontrolled waste dumping…
  • Stripping and rehabilitation of topsoil, cleaning urban property and monuments, removing graffiti,
  • Network sanitation,
  • Raising sorting awareness amongst inhabitants.

A cleaner city thanks to innovations

SITA offers an innovative equipment (electrical sweepers and washers, GPS system to follow operations in real time and react to the incidents identified in the field by our teams, etc.) to guarantee efficient cleaning operations and avoid visual and audio inconveniences. SITA also offers innovations in the environment field, such as 100% organic and pesticide-free weeding. That is how SITA respects the environmental weeding plans requirements and treats every area near drains, rivers or other water bodies.


  • Cleaning of beaches on Landes littoral
    Sita - nettoyage des plages sur le littoral landais

    As a response of the Landes General Counsil requirements on conservation of the environment, SITA provides Landes beaches cleaning throughout the year with a mandate to avoid waste dispersion in the ocean.

    To protect the dune and the back dune, cradle of rare spiecies, even protected, cleaning is limited on foreshore and stops at the base of the dune.

    Tractors are geolocated, which leads to control respect of cleaning routes at specific times. They are also equipped with embedded systems, creating a direct link with the collectivity.

    SITA adapts its services to volumes and waste types :

    • During bad wheather of 2013 that devastated a part of Landes, staff members have been doubled
    • In summer, routines are done by night and tractors are equipped with sieving machines to pick up thinner waste as cigarette butts

  • Environmentally friendly clean-up of Plaine Commune (93)
    Sita - plaine commune curage écologique assainissement

    As part of a constant will to improve life conditions, Plaine Commune wished to reduce the used water management’s environmental impact on its territory.

    SANITRA SERVICES, a SITA subsidiary specialised in sanitation, offers sanitation system clean-up services to Plaine Commune.

    Local teams use tried and tested operating methods to react quickly and in compliance with regulations.

    The Recycleur was developed to filter pumped up used water. An effective filtration mechanism separates water from solids. The resulting water is the reused to feed the high-pressure pump in order to clean the pipes, therefore recycling the water and avoiding superfluous water consumption.

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