Restoring contaminated sites

Restoring contaminated sites

Renewal for the economy and the environment
Roemisloch decontamination worksite
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Restoring contaminated sites

An expert in decontamination and dismantling, SITA offers its know-how in restoring contaminated sites for clients.

Every step of the restoration process

SITA is there every step of the way:

  • safe deconstruction and demolition of the building
  • sorting and removal  of the waste collected to the appropriate treatment and recovery streams
  • decontamination, cleaning and disinfection of equipment soiled by hazardous products
  • chemical facility treatment services: draining, cleaning, renewal of waterproofing, hazardous liquid waste management
  • development of contaminated soil storage areas
  • backfilling of excavations with clean soil removed from the site or resulting from the recovery of the buildings’ demolition
    • treatment of contaminated water and effluents
    • treatment of groundwater: pumping, skimming, reactive barriers (Keops®), Bionappe® biodegradation process.

bionappe Treatment


Security and traceability

SITA ensures a very strict follow-up of cleaning and security conditions on restoration operations: spot or planned checks of the work environment, supplying protective gear, individual follow-up with every member of the team directly involved. SITA also carries out analysis and sorting as well as providing a choice of streams to get the best from the worksite. Full traceability of all the waste produced on the worksite is also guaranteed.

Towards new eco-centres 

SITA handles the decontamination of industrial sites as well as their reconversion into eco-centres specialising in recycling and recovering activities, such as SITA Agora, an industrial eco-centre located in Noyelles Godault (France), now dedicated to improving the environment. Between 2005 and 2008, and after assessing every detail, SITA carried out the dismantling, decontamination and rehabilitation of the 50 hectares abandoned by the Metaleurop Nord plant.


  • Roemisloch decontamination worksite
    Sita - dépolluer les sols pollués - Roemisloch - Chantier de dépollution

    SITA Remediation took charge of an old recycling centre full of toxic contamination. Particular protection was needed for the environment and on-site personnel:

    • A contained environment controlled 24/7 by a multi-settings radio transmission device and individual sensors.
    • Excavation of the waste with pressurised cabin vehicles.
    • Loading the waterproof maritime containers by means of a supervised conveyor controlled by video camera
    • Multimodal transportation (road-rail transport) to Herne, our thermal desorption subsidiary in Germany.
    • Technical supervision of all contained works by SITA Remediation operators trained on the operation and maintenance of individual respiratory protective equipment.
    • Operation of supervision devices and prevention methods (hydraulic containment pumping and contained area ventilation) 24/7 for the duration of the works.


  • Restoration of the Chesterfield site
    Sita - réhabilitation du site de Chesterfield

    SITA Remediation is overseeing the decontamination and recovery of a brownfield site in Chesterfield (England), one of the largest restoration projects in Europe. The decontamination operations started in September 2009 and are to be finished in 2014.

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