Sanitation and real estate hygiene

Sanitation and real estate hygiene

To guarantee clean water systems
Mechanical cleaning of accessible sanitation networks in the Paris region
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Sanitation and real estate hygiene

It is necessary to regularly maintain the water and sanitation systems as well as intervene at certain times to pump, clean or drain the pipes, tanks and other equipment. SITA carries these operations in compliance with the working standards.

Diving right into the systems

Upon receiving a new work order or to emit a diagnosis before rehabilitating a network, SITA’s first step is to remotely diagnose the network. A portable television unit allows for the browsing of the whole network in the smallest details, even those the teams can’t access. An array of high tech materials and systems detects and localizes anomalies: laser or sonar-equipped cameras, motorised video trolleys and multi-directional robots.

Ensuring that all building and local equipment are clean

Rent controlled housing (HLM in French) offices (private and public), industries, offices, trade unions, condos, corporate catering, full service providers and even department stores have one thing in common: they are in charge of collective buildings and equipment. SITA offers diagnosing and advisory services as well as daily or emergency maintenance of these sites and more precisely:

  • Cleaning and unblocking the pipes,
  • Ensuring good hygiene everywhere in the facilities (basements, cellars, parking garages, garbage disposal areas, kitchen hoods),
  • Removing graffiti, disinfecting as well as pest and rodent control

Key facts

1,500 industrial cleaning and draining vehicles

65,000 industrial sanitation and maintenance clients (businesses, local authorities, social landlords and individuals.)

3,100 experts at your service


  • Mechanical cleaning of accessible sanitation networks in the Paris region
    Sita - Curage mécanique des réseaux d'assainissement visitables d'Ile-de-France

    In the Paris region, SITA operates on hundreds of kilometres of sewers as large as 4 metres in diameter and at depths of up to 100 metres. In order to reach certain levels and be able to operate there, SITA built special machines, such as a dismountable mini cleaning carriage.

  • Environmentally friendly clean-up of Plaine Commune (93)
    Sita - plaine commune curage écologique assainissement

    As part of a constant will to improve life conditions, Plaine Commune wished to reduce the used water management’s environmental impact on its territory.

    SANITRA SERVICES, a SITA subsidiary specialised in sanitation, offers sanitation system clean-up services to Plaine Commune.

    Local teams use tried and tested operating methods to react quickly and in compliance with regulations.

    The Recycleur was developed to filter pumped up used water. An effective filtration mechanism separates water from solids. The resulting water is the reused to feed the high-pressure pump in order to clean the pipes, therefore recycling the water and avoiding superfluous water consumption.

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