Studies and Consulting

Studies and Consulting

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SICOVAL: support over time
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Studies and Consulting

Local authorities, industrials and healthcare professionals: are you looking for solutions to improve your waste management? SITA is there to give you advice and help you determine what processes and means are best suited to your needs.

Providing advisory services every step of the way

Whether it is organising a collection service, optimising domestic or industrial collection, creating a recovery channel, generating and using waste management/treatment facilities in situ or dismantling facilities, providing advisory services is an important part of what we do. We assess your needs in order to offer the most appropriate solution:

  • Waste audits: full analysis of the waste cycle from sorting to collection and treatment methods to find areas for improvement
  • Identification of streams: analysis of the waste to identify its components and which streams to use
  • Recovery and treatment solutions adapted to the volume and nature of the waste (hazardous or not, recoverable or not),
  • Support and advice on the environmental impact of your services,
  • Advice, training and support to encourage prevention and recycling.


Project engineering

SITA UP, specialising in project management, is the preferred internal partner to initiate, promote and safeguard your development projects:

  • Strategy support: ‘Project and Area’ strategic analysis, focus and dialogue with local stakeholders
  • Project management assistance for site classification: governance and securing the ICEP (industrial, commercial and agricultural operations subject to particular regulation and environmental protection measures) procedures, promoting
  • and supporting projects when encountering stakeholders, looking for sites, property and competitive intelligence
  • Market innovation: new markets watch, innovative projects management, partnership approaches and securing grants for projects,
  • New subsidiaries: managing new subsidiaries and developing networks.

Management plan and handling the risks of contaminated sites 

Before rehabilitating contaminated sites and soils, SITA Remediation helps you carry out assessments and determine the actions that are best suited to:

  • streamline the site management budget.
  • handle the environmental impact generated by a contaminated site.

A team of assessment, decontamination and risk analysis experts is available to evaluate the environmental issues, agree on a management plan and carry out a residual risk analysis for your site.

Download the useful documentation  :

Managing a contaminated site
Management plan
Residual risk analysis


  • Hasardeuse waste management: over 3,000 individuals received training
    Sita - formation à la gestion des déchets dangereux

    SITA REKEM offers training to those involved in managing hazardous waste (laboratory personnel, local authority operators, heads of hazardous waste in businesses) in order to gain or improve their knowledge and know-how.

    Options vary according to topics:

    • Visiting a hazardous transit hub to understand the job and raise awareness of recycling
    • Waste sorting exercises to learn the right actions
    • Simulations to find out how to act in all circumstances (application, dangerous reaction etc)


  • CO2 Pilote: environmental management of your services
    Sita - CO2 pilote pilotage environnemental de vos prestations

    SITA developed ‘CO2 Pilote’ to measure the CO2 generated and prevented by the services SITA provides for its business clients.

    This tool gives a performance indicator and helps compare waste management scenarios, identify the greatest emission sources and, if needed, offers solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions for clients.

  • SICOVAL: support over time
    Sita - Sicoval accompagnement dans la durée

    Starting in 2014, Sicoval has decided to implement incentive pricing in its area. In order to track waste production and charge people, a complete database of its 24,000 households and associated bins had to be updated.

    SITA organised a four-month survey to prepare for the implementation of incentive pricing. SITA agents travelled all over the area to complete and update the population database as well as label the bins.

    This dual operation will ensure fair billing and better management.

    SITA assisted Sicoval in creating surveys to target the necessary information better.

    To be more efficient and reliable and to avoid repetition, the survey investigators have portable terminals directly connected to the computer database.

    A SITA incentive pricing project manager in the Sicoval offices controls data consistency.

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