Story of partnerships
Story of partnerships
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Story of partnerships

SITA encourages relations of partnership with its clients (local authorities, companies) through proximity, transparency and co-construction.

  • University Hospital of BesançonA lasting partnership
    University Hospital of Besançon

    Partner University Hospital since 2005 , SITA manages the collection and treatment of waste in a process of continuous improvement and support .

    The collaboration has grown over the years, with benefits that are evolved according to different customer’s problems . Professionalization of waste management, staff awareness, secure collection and storage facilities have achieved the first accreditations .

    In 2010, the establishment of delegated management has optimized the in situ sorting and reduce the environmental impact accompanying the establishment in the daily management of its waste.

    In the continuity of services offered, sorting will be established on the site ( bottle, can , etc. . ) And the biowaste permanent.

    6 SITA employees work in situ for the hospital to develop and dispose of waste from healthcare activities of health facilities while ensuring security, compliance and budget optimization.


    Recovery of biowaste at the University Hospital of Besançon

    The University Hospital of Besançon wanted the implementation of an integrated waste management solution with a single point of contact for the entire process , internal collection in each service sector or to the differentiated sectors of transportation, processing and recovery .

    SITA was able to provide an appropriate response that reflects the strong constraints of hospital : timetables, use of lifts and access , compliance with hygiene and discretion collections . Protection of the environment and sustainable development objectives have been taken into account and the content delivery is subject to a permanent joint monitoring and regular reassessment.



    Jean -Marie Baudoin
    Hotel manager and purchasing.

  • C’URBANA partnership for the development of an innovative concrete

    Result of ambitious research program conducted jointly by SITA , Neo -Eco Recycling and Ecole des Mines de Douai, C’Urban is the first concrete materials are replaced with 100% recycled materials. Its unique formulation ensures that concrete the same properties and the same uses a concrete made ​​from quarry materials .

    Its multi-activity Noyelles- Godault (62) and Lourches (59) eco- poles , SITA transforms sediment , sand and rubble secondary raw material substitutes for natural materials for the manufacture of concrete.

    C’Urban is a response to the scarcity of raw materials , but also offers new opportunities for waste for which treatment is complex , present in an amount in the territory of Nord-Pas -de- Calais , whose recovery processes must be sustained .

    Doublet and design agency Design Piks have implemented a first draft (Octave ) using concrete C’Urban. It is a set of mobile and modular bicycle parking . A dozen prototypes have already been made. The partnership between SITA and Doublet must allow the industrial product development and the development of a full range of furniture.



    The objective of this project is to be able to show in to be able to public that we are today capable of using river sediments in the concrete with the same characteristics as the classic concrete.

    Professeur Nor Edine Abriak
    Ecole des Mines de Douai



  • SITA deploys all of its art for the LouvreCollect waste from one of the greatest museum in the world for 5 years !

    By winning the market launched by the Musée du Louvre, SITA confirms the excellence of its sealing solutions. To win the contract, the Nothern agency of SITA has set up a selective collection system adapted to the numerous constraints linked to a tourist site awarded as historical monument. 

    Strict adherence of hours allocated for collection as not to impede visitors, integration of materials into the surrounding environment, containers traceability, 2.500 employees implication with the construction of bring stations, creation of a communication program for employees and partners…SITA brings all of its expertise in co-conception and selective collection to have a custom-made solution. An expertise which ensures 2.000 tons of annual waste collection producted in the museum.

    With over 9 Million visitors per year, it is really important for us to provide excellent service quality. SITA does what was expected when we create waste sort.

    CHRISTOPHE GAUTELIER, Works Supervisor, Musée du Louvre.

  • Sita media library
  • Top-flight manoeuvres for Air FranceTen tons of uniforms retrieved
    Top-flight manoeuvres for Air France

    Ten tons of uniforms retrieved !

    In 2010, SITA made a partnership with CEPOVETT group in order to enhance professional clothes.

    In 2013, Air France, client of CEPOVETT and SITA, has launched a collection disposal of flying and ground crew professional clothes on Roissy and Orly airports.

    Collected in collection stations, used uniforms are after redirected to massification centers and sort centers, to be enhanced in the form of isolating fibers,  wiping cloths or reuse.

    During the launching, the massive adherence of Air France crew made 10 tons of uniforms recovery possible in only two months of prestation. An economical and social success which opens new horizons for SITA’s partners : insurance of keeping their commitments regarding corporate social responsibility, and also like the possibility of elarging the disposal in other airports.

    See the case in images

    SITA Recyclage offers an innovative offer of revaluation of a used textile waste, which permits for the company  to assume its corporate social responsibility.

    Marc Jacouton Person in charge of Communication and Sustainable Development Strategy, CEPOVETT.