Textile, Linens, Shoes

Textile, Linens, Shoes

Textile, Linens, Shoes
Box Textile® : Recovering used textiles
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TLS (Textile, Linens, Shoes)


TLS waste is comprised of:

  • Used textiles
  • Used linens
  • Used shoes

So far, only 18% of the 700,000 tonnes of TLS is collected in France and only 12.8% is recycled.


Under the brand Box Textile®, SITA has created a collection and sorting service for TLS in local authorities, with the support of retail chains and textile companies:
Re-use or up-cycling
High quality fabric pieces are reused, in bargain shops or charities, for instance.
Material recovery
Textiles can have a second life as cleaning cloths or, after being broken down, as fibres for manufacturing insulating materials.
Energy recovery
If the TLS waste cannot be used in those two ways, they can be given a second wind in Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) or absorbent products used for co-incineration in cement kilns.

Key facts

70% of the volume collected is reused

26% is recycled

4% is recovered as energy


  • Box Textile® : Recovering used textiles
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    SITA used Next Textiles Association (NTA), wich specialises in the re-use and recycling of textiles, to develop Box Textile®. These enable the collection of used clothes, leather goods, shoes and linens.

    Once sorted, they go through recovery channels: 70% reused, 26% recycled as cleaning cloths or insulating materials and 4% used in energy recovery.


    SITA is working with a local integration service called Boîte à Papier to organise collection bins as well as used clothes collection and sorting. A dedicated sorting centre managed by Boîte à Papier will increase these activities.

    Furthermore, SITA has signed agreements with local organisations: ALEAS, Secours Populaire du Limousin, Croix-Rouge Française 87… which plan to provide free containers for their use only and guarantee a supply of textiles when needed, free distribution of carrier bags and a fixed buy-back price for unsold items in associated shops.

  • Air France is miles ahead
    Sita - Textile - Emmaüs de Longjumeau

    10 tonnes of uniforms have been collected

    Since 2010, SITA has been working with the textile manufacturer CEPOVETT and the airline company Air France.

    This high profile project encompasses three airports (including Roissy and Orly) and is based on the efficiency of the collection system. Used uniforms are put in recycle bins before being redirected to massification and sorting centres in order to be reused as insulating materials.

    At the launch of this initiative, Air France personnel were very enthusiastic, which led to the collection of 10 tonnes of uniforms over two months. It is an economic and social success bringing new ideas to SITA partners, with the guarantee to maintain their commitment in terms of social responsibility as well as the possibility to extend the programme to other airports.