You are an individual

You are an individual

SITA: Your everyday partner for your waste management

Be with you everyday for your waste management

Giving a second life to your recyclable waste

A lot of our waste can be recycled and transformed into new materials and then new products. In order to facilitate sorting, SITA provides local authorities with selective collection devices and specialised sorting technologies which, added to you actions, will give a second life to your waste.


 Collecting and recovering your organic waste as compost

In order to use biodegradable waste as natural fertiliser for the agriculture sector, SITA organises collections suited to organic waste and recovers it as compost on its specialised treatment sites.


Transforming your non-recyclable waste into energy

As an expert in energy recovery techniques, SITA uses your non-recyclable waste to producer renewable energy. With its 64 recovery units (incinerators, methanisation and storage centres), SITA supplies energy for hot water networks destined to communal facilities as well as urban heating networks. SITA also produces electricity that is reintegrated in the EDF network.


Offering community services

As waste management expert and being respectful of the quality of life in town, SITA offers innovating solutions to guarantee a clean city thanks to community services: collection of bulky waste, giving big bags for green waste, collection points for textiles and hazardous waste as well as recycling centres.


  • Valenciennes Metropole: an intuitive website
    Sita - Particulier - Valenciennes Métropole - un site internet interactif

    Every day, SITA manages the dedicated website it designed. This website allows users to get precise and helpful information such as waste collection days, schedules and access maps to the recycling centre as well as listing which types of waste are authorised.

    The website also gives more general information regarding Valencienne Metropole’s environmental policy. Awareness-raising tools are also posted online for a better understanding of how waste is managed by all (recycling video, registration to visit the recycling centre).

    The residents registered on the site can also customise email and text message alerts they receive to be specific to their community and type of home.

  • My mobile collection point
    Sita - ma décheterie mobile

    Easy to use, eco-friendly and especially adapted to the urban environment, My mobile collection point is a local facility which makes up for the lack of fixed collection points by allowing residents to get rid of their waste and bulky waste. Flexible and innovative, this new-style container designed by SITA is set up in less than an hour with no need for collection vehicles.


    See the video
  • Val de Fensch: Red bags and raising awarenes
    Sita - Particulier -Val de Fensch - sacs rouges et sensibilisation

    SITA decided to implement a red bag operation so that residents get to understand their recycling mistakes. Before the collection truck comes, two SITA agents and someone from the community remove items that should have been recycled and put the results in a red bag. A recycling guide is then left in the mailbox of residents at fault so they do not repeat their error.

    When there is no mistake in the bin, the agents leave a congratulatory message as well as the guide.

    • 29.05%: refusal rate before the operation
    • 23.03%: refusal rate after the operation
    • 64 kg/year/res.: recyclable waste collected before the operation
    • 67 kg/year/res.: recyclable waste collected after the operation