You are a service provider

You are a service provider

SITA optimises your economic and environmental performances
Food waste: return to soil guarantee
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SITA, an expert partner

You are a distributor, a catering company, a hotel, an administration or a landlord? SITA works with you, providing suitable solutions such as :

  • Recovering your waste
  • Reducing waste risks
  • Reducing your envionmental footprint

Reducing the waste volume and maximising your environmental footprint by:

  • Identifying the type of waste you produce
  • Developing source collection points on site
  • Updating and training your workmates
  • Developing suitable treatment and recovery streams (recycling, non-recyclable waste energy recovery, agronomic recovery, hazardous waste treatment and recovery)
  • Providing follow-up and reporting tools as well as helping establish where to improve

Factoring in your limits

  • Des modalités et rythmes de collecte différents en fonction de vos déchets et de vos locaux
  • Your organisational constraints (confidentiality, schedules, organising the workstations, etc.)
  • Your mandatory regulations

Securing your residual waste

Residual waste that cannot be reused or recycled is directed, depending on their nature, to:

  • Our non-hazardous waste storage facilities, some of which can recover the biogas into renewable energy
  • Our secure hazardous waste storage facilities. This waste will then be treated to obtain liquid or solid substitute fuels with a high calorific value.
  • Our incineration plants


  • Offices: recycling all the way
    Sita - Entreprise de services - Recyclage pour les bureaux à tous les étages

    SITA goes even further with recycling office waste and offers a kit to facilitate sorting in the office. In addition to paper and cardboard, businesses can also recycle plastic and cans as well as seven other, types of waste (CDs, mobile phones, printer cartridges…), that are more polluting and harder to recover.

    SITA also proposes de-archiving and disposal services for all kinds of waste (paper, WEEE, cartridges,…) as well as destroying confidential documents.

  • Food waste: return to soil guarantee
    Sita - Entreprise de services - déchets alimentaires, la garantie du retour au sol

    SITA manages VALOREST, a bio-deconditioning plant in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin region – France). Every year, this ICEP facility treats 12,000 tonnes of organic waste produced by large producers from the agrifood, distribution and catering industries.

    SITA operates the bio-deconditioning of food waste in St-Selves (France, 33), recovering 100% of the organic waste entering the site: 90% by agronomic recovery (the organic part) and the remaining 10% by energy recovery (packaging with a high calorific value).