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Scrap vehicles

Tarmac Aerosave : deconstructing and recycling scrap aircrafts  
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Scrap vehicles


Scrap vehicles – VHU (cars, aircrafts, boats) are multi-component waste. In 2015, it will become mandatory to recover 95% of all the scrap cars (European Directive 2000/53/CE).
The reusable materials (plastics, metals, textiles, rubber products) used in those VHUs must be extracted before being recycled and the hazardous waste they contain has to undergo specific treatment.


SITA provides full handling of the VHUs (collecting, storing and handling the vehicles as well as the administrative management and marketing of spare parts).
Working alongside big industrial groups, we help our clients manage their waste in order to facilitate:

  • Product eco-design:

SITA provides advice and assistance to its clients, giving them solutions to minimise the volume of waste produced by increasing recovery and reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

  • Deconstruction and recovery of VHUs

Each material is routed to its recovery channel to be recycled and then reused, all the while respecting the current standards.
The sorted spare parts can be sold back by our teams and reintegrated into the manufacture of new products.


For VHU: Indra
For aircrafts: SITA Solving via Tarmac Aerosave

Key facts

1.8 million vehicles discarded in France every year

80% to 95% proportion of reusable waste present in VHUs


  • Tarmac Aerosave : deconstructing and recycling scrap aircrafts  
    Sita - intervenir à chaque étape d'un projet

    SITA has reached an industrial partnership with Airbus, Snecma, Equip’Aéro Services and Aéroconseil by creating Tarmac Aerosave, specialising in dismantling and recovering scrap aircrafts.

    Tarmac Aerosave deconstructs A300-type aircrafts.

    The services offered extend to include storing and all maintenance related to dismantling. The sites of Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées, France) and Teruel (Spain)

  • SITA and Renault : an industrial partnership to encourage eco-design
    Sita - Renault Cleon gestion globale des déchets (Seine-Maritime)

    SITA has had an industrial partnership with the car manufacturer Renault (joint venture) to create a recycling facility since 2008.
    On the Re-Source Industries (Loir-et-Cher, France) deconstruction site, INDRA recovers close to 25 vehicles a day: decontamination of fluids and gases, removal of polluting components (batteries…), recovery of all interior elements and spare parts, grinding the metal carcass.
    This enables the recovery of 85% of the elements in a car.
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