WEEE, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, includes any object or component working on electricity or electronics which has reached the end of its working life.
The electrical and electronic equipment market is forever growing and the source of WEEE increases by 2% to 3% every year. In compliance with regulations, 50% to 80% of WEEE must be treated and recovered via specialist channels.
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The WEEE treatment and collection stream is based on the extended producer responsibility (EPR). Manufacturers, importers, exclusive resellers and e-sellers are responsible for organising and financing the removal and treatment of WEEE.

SITA DEEE provides solutions for the treatment and recovery of WEEE:

  • Material recovery in recycling streams
    WEEE primarily consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and multiple plastics. WEEE is first broken down (separation of reusable pieces, electronic components and recyclable materials) and decontaminated (cooling fluids and hazardous components are extracted). The various materials are then collected and reused in manufacturing new equipment or recovered.
    SITA manages to recover 78% to 85% of the materials, depending on the type of WEEE.
  • Energy-from-waste recovery
    Insulation foams or other materials presenting a lower calorific value are recovered as energy.


Key facts

25,000 tonnes of WEEE treated and recovered every year

50 collection and dismantling units in France

75% to 90% of the materials collected and recovered


  • Feysin
    Sita - DEEE - Feyzin

    SITA DEEE is specialised in treating end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment:

    • Large refrigeration appliances: refrigerators, freezers
    • Small electrical appliances: toasters, microwaves and hairdryers…
    • Screens.

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  • Virtual tour of SITA DEEE’s facility
    Sita - Filiales spécialisées - DEEE usine virtuel

    Enter the facility in Feyzin and see how your WEEE is processed step by step

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